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psia=uptight losers  

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hi all.ive been skiing east coast ice for 28 yrs,way before there WERE groomers or anything close to a sidecut...anyway i just wanted to let you all know 2 things about skiing that psia has totally wrong:

1 proper edge technique
you cant edge using your foot(on ice),you have to use your forward weight on your SHINS where they meet the boot to really ski the difficult icy steeps.you let your body weight and impetus bend the stiff @ss ski.its almost impossible to teach proper ice skiing technique to a young promising skiier after theyve been brainwashed by psia crapola flawed basics.

2 shoulder position(different from HIP position)
yes when you initiate a turn your shoulders must be square to the fall line,but for maximum SPEED AND CONTROL on modern skis you need to let your uphill shoulder hang back a bit longer.the longer the turn,the more delay in turning to meet the next turn(thats how the elite skiers you all drool to ski like make those turns,THEY ARE USING A PART OF THE TAIL MOST SKIERS HAVE NEVER EVER BEEN NEAR.)when i am making big gs carvers at speed i can snap the tails after a turn and pop up 4 or 5 ft off of a tiny ripple,because thats what new skis do.but psia wont teach anything advanced that doesnt fit the "mold" of what "they" say is "good skiing"
my technique isnt near as pretty as any of the head instructors locally but i can toast them all no sweat.pretty and efficient arent always FAST! FRANZ KLAMMER 4 EVA!

my advice?
take a lesson or 2 from a psia instructor to figure out how to get on and off of the lifts safely and sk manners etc.but after the beginner level youll be better off watching and asking good skiers how to be better,not psia.
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Well Big Cheese you gots the wrong forum. Ya'll need to troll somewheres else. AND, there have been groomers in the east since way before you started to ski.
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just stating the facts mam...
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Pierre I believe the proper spelling is Trooler as in trooling for the groomers
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hell that ain't even HH inspired, I believe this guys hero is someone like Herman



. Munster
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Wow--FINALLY--someone who knows what he or she's talking about around here! BC, please tell us more!
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Hey big cheese how can you tell if those good skiers you say to watch and ask aren't PSIA instructors just out for a day skiing?????
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iif you can go out and ski the really steeps fast and in control after a good ice storm,you can really ski.any flaw will toss you in the woods pronto.when we have good snow here we call it "hero" snow,cause even the instructors look good.rofl.anyways,when you guys want to see some ripping @SS skiers come to our little alpine wanna be village,the locals are pretty skippy!


we got a 2xblack diamond!
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and i know a few good skiers who just HAPPEN to be psia instructors,thats the sad part,they have to teach a crap system or be banished like me. 8 (
im not big on a system as rigid as psai.its inflexibility isnt helping skiing at all...
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"banished like me"??

Tell us more, Big C. Was it because you skied so well, or was it because you knew so much about it? I assume that, whichever it was, they didn't like you because you made them look bad. That happens. Well, that's just something you have to expect when you're better than everyone else, isn't it? You must be used to it.

I'm honored that you have decided to join us here at EpicSki, Big C. Can't wait to hear more of your wisdom. Any chance you could post some pictures and video?

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Big C- I hear you! my promising 6 year old son now balances over his whole foot using tipping and turning of his inside ski to guide his arc and thinks it is cool to make turns in control. Any suggestions on how to get him to just rip, and be able to spring off the tail of the ski? Thanks
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B_C do you ski better than 97% of the people on the Hill? :
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its a tricky thing to teach a young one,im 44 and just now beginning to learn how to make these @#$#%$# skis work for me instead of the other way around.mostly the feel i try to get any skier to realize is the boot/shin contact as opposed to the foot/snow contact(which is important too,but not as important as the shin thing)if you keep your shin tight up against your boot,you will be in control AND your weight will be forward.try to get your son to ski in a good(check around with the locals) race program,he ll meet lil rippers and older progressing racers there and thats where he ll learn the most(peers).i know i learn the most from racers.btw,dunt be a smart ass,i can take off either ski and ROAST 99.9% of skiers,so yes i know how to roll the skis,only difference is i use the BOOT DESIGN/TECHNOLOGY to help me.
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Yeah, Todo. What the Big C said. Maybe your son's problem is that foot/snow contact thing. Tell him to stop doing that!

Have you tried buckling your boots? It's a neat trick I just found out about, that helps me not only keep my shins tight up, but also keeps my foot/snow contact to a minimum. Try it. Really! I can't wait to tell all my students.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Personally,when i ski,i really dont feel my foot on the footbed that much,most of my weight is sagged onto my boot cuffs.i guess maybe thats why im one of the best skiers at my local ski area.i invite you all to come to our saturday nastar races.i will be there waiting for you!


check the schedule,i am the asst.race co ordinator & i will be there with bells freekn on!
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Hey Bob, I don't recommend buckling your boots, but if you really think that will help, be sure to crunch your sock down inside, so none of it is above the cuff and make sure to tuck any longunderwear under it first. This will really help the shin contact. Don't forget, the lower buckles need to be as tight as you can possibly get them as well.

Now once you've made the decision to buckle your boots, don't forget to adjust the screws on your binding as far clockwise as you can take them.

Good luck with your new discoveries!
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Thanks Big C

Bob B- I have found the opposite if I unbuckle I can cram my ankle more forward to get the pointy part of the ski cutting better.
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Personally,when i ski,i really dont feel my foot on the footbed that much,most of my weight is sagged onto my boot cuffs.i guess maybe thats why im one of the best skiers at my local ski area.
Yep, that's gotta be why, Big Cheese. That's what I've been tellin' everyone, too. Sag on!

Again, a picture is worth a thousand words, as they say. It would sure be instructive if you could post some pictures of you doin' it right!


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Thanks Chris! I owe you one!
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also.todo.you can expect your kid to get to a certain level,then he wont get any better.sorry to break this to you but,it like teaching a child to be a concert violinist sorta.you have to teach them the perfect technique from day 1,if not they ll do ok on the medium/medium hard music,but when the times arrives to really weed out the wanna bes the ELITE technical musical pieces will be out of reach for them because of years of learning imperfect(but usable)techniques.i hope you spend your money on general expenditures better than you do for your ski instruction needs.i have a friend,he reminds me alot of you.his name is Rip Tof...Hhehe

btw,i really am hoping my analogy comparing music to skiing is understandable to the unwashed masses(thats you)but im not holdiing my breath....
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Unwashed masses? Hey, Big Cheese, you may know a lot about skiing, but you should leave our bathing habits out of this. As for me, I took a bath just last week. So you're wrong, wrong, wrong!
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Boy, the insight here just leaves me speechless! No wonder I've been having so much trouble, I've always kept pressure on the back of my boots cause it makes me go so fast. I never tighten my buckles too much cause my feet start to tingle.
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I love threads like this one. Makes my post count go up quick! Look out, WTFH!

Anyone know how to adjust the drag on a keyboard? I'd hate to break this one off....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Has the dog arisen yet again? Here i thought it was only cats that got 9 lives!
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funny as sh1t to watch "instructors"with din 14+ bindings(lmfao) using saloman crossmax and thinking they are actually skiing!!rofl,get on a race gs ski,hit an icy steep slope and i bet you a dollar to a million most( AND WHEN I SAY MOST IM TALKING TO YOU PROBABLY!) psia instrutors will look like total shit.I KNOW I WAS A PSIA INSTRUCTOR AND ALL THE ONES IVE EVER SEEN COULDNT SKI WORTH A SHIT UNLESS CONDITIONS WERE FREEKN PERFECT.like i said,we have nastar races here and have been busting your asses(you know who you are)from stowe to killington for years.bring it,dont sing it.we have the ice you CANT SKI,AND WE SET THE MOUNTAIN UP ICY JUST SO YOU WILL BUST YOUR ASS AND NOT COME BACK.


you pansies and your "ski system"

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Slow night, y'all?

Check out the movie on TV right now; it's called A Thorough Asswhuppin' In The Bronx. It's really good.
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Why would you even want to ski on ice? Skiing on ice is nasty. Try skiing somewhere fun.
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Well, that was a quick ski season here in the East. Hardly got started and here it is April Fools Day already. Time does fly when you're having fun.
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I just checked out the Sugar Mountain web site. We used to jump over bigger bumps than that in the old country...

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Don't get all excited, now, Big Cheese. You were on a roll, and we have so much to learn about, er, from you. I've always wanted to try NASTAR some day. Don't you have to belong to the US Ski Team or something? Or do you just have to be an expert skier?

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