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Fischer Big Stix 75 - Who's been skiing these?

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There is a brand new pair on sale here for $200. The reviews seem real positive as an All-Mtn stable ski. Any reports from those who know?
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We have a pair in 165. We got them for my wife on powdery days and sometimes she likes them, sometimes she finds them stiff and hard to initiate.

Of course I had to use them out of curiosity and and I was blown away by how stable they are for a 165. They feel rock solid in full speed high compression GS turns. We both agree they feel easy to skid but I have found that is part illusion that comes when you go to a wider ski and they carve nice arcs with good grip. They are real neutral to fore and aft pressure, neither hooking or jetting, maybe a bit boring but they pretty much just do what they're told

In powder I think they are a bit stiff for her and a bit short for me, but they have a lot of sidecut (14meter radius) and the big tip and tail give more float than most 75mm waisted skis. Neither of us like really wide skis and these things work pretty well in 6-18 ".

I skied them and a pair of Atomic R:EX in a 168? on successive days and found the Atomic a bit springier but I think all in all I preferred the the unhearalded Fischer over the vaunted Atomic. This from someone with a garage full of Atomics. I liked the big sidecut, something Atomic has increased drastically in it's new metrons.

For $200 that would be a great all round ski. I'm planning on demoing a bunch of Metrons this year and will pick up one of them or a Big Stix sometime this spring. Meanwhile I'm putting Fritcheys on the 165 big stixs for us to use with AT boots.

How big the skis? I might buy 'em if you don't like them.

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Well Newf they're not available anymore as I just purchased them. The review you give is right inline with the rest of the web views I've seen. They are a 185cm with 24-m radius....just perfect for me at 6' 187lbs. I expect to blow through crud, carve fast on the freshly rolled, and glide through the pow. I'll be skiing Snowmass and Highlands 2 days a week for the 04-05 season and will have plenty of time to test. I'll report back my findings.

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Great---let me know how they go. Do they really have a 24m radius? Ours are 113-75-100 and claim a 17m (not 14m like I wrote) radius. Some skis keep a constant radius and put wider tips and tails on the long skis, some keep the dimensions constant and the radius goes up with length. What are the measurements of the 185?

Newf, thinking about running some rock skis down the cone on Bachelor's fresh foot.
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I have the Fischer Big Stix 8.0 and its been great, one of the best skis I've had. It works well in powder and it is not too fat for an all mountain ski.
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