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What the heck is an '03 Atomic SX11?!

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According to BetaRacer it's a brand new model. Is it a 'recreational' slalom ski, like the Rossi T-Power Viper S, or what? I think my next ski may be an '03 Atomic C11 or SX11. I now have '99-'00 BetaRace 9.20's in 180cm. Should I go down to 170, or even shorter? I want more quickness, but I don't want to lose high-speed stability (New England terrain/conditions - mostly steep groomers).
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The SX11 is Atomic's "skiercross" ski. It's designed to go up against the Salomon Crossmax and Rossi RPMs. It has a GS race sidecut. It's not a slalom ski if that's what you're looking for. I dont know the dimensions off the top of my head, you'll have to get Betaracer to help you with that.
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I dont know the dimensions either but it is built with the same construction as their GS race ski and has bright green graphics. I believe it also may have a very large tip and larger sidecut then a typical GS ski. I talked with a rep that skied the ski and it has amazing rebound, so much that it will throw you after each turn so you really have to be on top of it. In other words i dont think it will be a ski that is liked well by the less aggressive skiers on the hill.
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What is a SX11? Other than butt-ugly? It looks like they stole the graphics from MOTORcross, which doesn't really do it for me on the snow. Actually, I could really do without the golfball topsheet on the whole new Atomic line. I've heard they're really fun, though.
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that golf ball top sheet really does somehting though i guess. Something with rebound and vibrations, not sure exactly. but their parent company is wilson, so it is actually the same technology that goes into making wilson golf balls. I'm not too much of a golfer so a golf ball is a golf ball to me... haha. But as i hear the SX11 is a pretty agressive all mountain carver, because it is a wider construction ski but it has the exact same construction as the GS11. If it has the width of a mid fat it should be able to take most mid fats of that category to school on hard pack, wich would be a nice change of pace in that category of ski.
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The SX-11 is a new Skiercross ski. It shares a similar sidecut to the GS9, but wider throughout the whole length, and the construction of the GS11. I will use this ski as my everyday ski next season. It handles the speed like a GS ski, has the nimbleness of an all-mountain carver (Carv 9.18ish), and soft snow float of the first generation Ride 10.20 (sx11 = 66mm waist). Depending on your taste, you might think it looks great or ugly. The Kawasaki green is loud and obnoxious, and coupled with a matching binding and boot will make some green with envy, or just puke. At the Canadian Championships, Thomas Grandi used my test/demo pair to win both his runs in the dual glalom (too tight to be a GS, too open to be a SL) Provincial showdown. Not for everyone, but anyone looking for an easier to ski race ski should consider it.
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That pretty much confirms what I've been hearing. Atomic has made some good looking skis the last few years. It's just a shame that one that has such great potential is saddled with such "distinctive" graphics.
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In my opinion it doesnt matter what the skis look like, if you ski well enough on them you can amke any ski look like the hottest ski on the mountain. hell, i ski on a pair of those old lime green nordica gs boards once in awhile, yeah they are ugly but they haul too.
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any info on how these ski, particularly their livelyness (is that a word???) and pow floatation. + any other variable snow info, crud busting etc

this ones for you betaracer, as you seem to have tons o info. any others cghip in too

later and thanks

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I thought I wrote all the answers in my previous post. Same construction as the new GS-11, so it has the same 'livelyness'. Similar shape to the GS-9 (104-62-93) but 4mm wider through the whole length, but narrower under foot than the R-11 (108-70-99). SX-11 is 108-66-98. Float will be better than the GS9, but not as good as the R-11, and no where as good as the R-EX, Sugardaddy, Bigdaddy or Stomp. The ski is as good as the skier in various snow types. If one can ski well, it shouldn't really matter what ski one uses, though certain models make it easier. The intended use of this ski is in the Skiercross courses, where a GS ski works great, but can be too demanding sometimes. The bonus to the SX-11 is that it has more sidecut than a GS ski (FIS rules) so that a less agressive edge set is needed to make the ski carve. SX tracks are generally softer than GS courses, so the extra width and deeper side cut will allow for faster times in SX.

You'll need to use your imagination as to how it might work in conditions you generally encounter.
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BetaRacer -

Sounds interesting! I don't mean to be a pain in the neck, but could you compare it to the new C11?

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BetaRacer- I have been on next years SL9 for about a month and it is the best ski that I have ever owned. I like to carve and I like bumps. Is there anything else I should try? I'm skiing it in a 160.
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Tominator, There are not huge differences between the two. The SX-11 is 2mm wider under foot than the C-11, and the SX-11 has a metal top sheet compared to Texalium 100 in the C-11. Also, the SX-11 uses the new RaceChassis, and the C-11 has the B4Chassis. The C-11 skis really nicely. Carves well, is nimble, handles speed. It is easier than the SX-11. The SX-11 carves well too, is nimble too, but can take a lot more, and gives it back. If you want a high end all-mountain carver, go with the C-11. If you want a more versatile high end GS race ski go with the SX-11.

Rusty Guy, for a ski to compliment your SL-9, consider the R-10 (formerly called Ride 10.20). Since you want to venture into bumps (called moguls in Canada), I would steer you away from the R-11 (past Ride 11.20) because of the titanium power channels. The R-10 has more float than what you have, a less dramatic shape, a more all-mountain flex, and a rounded tail, all to make skiing less demanding in all-mountain conditions (helps save your energy so you can dance all night). I have been using the a 171 SL-11 quite a bit this spring, and enjoy it at smaller areas, where I want to maximize turn count. At resorts like Whistler, when skiing with others with longer and fatter skis, soft snow becomes a nervously intense work-out. I prefer the GS-11 or the SX-11 over the SL-11 as far as race type skis go. The R-11 and R-EX are my real Whistler ski, with the SugarDaddy being for new snow over 30cm deep.

I'm still undecided as to the skis which will be in my personal quiver, but tentative is like this:
191 GS-11
180 SX-11
164 SL-11

The next would be in my demo fleet, and have 6-14 bindings with demo bands, and not the Centro:
171 SL-11
191 R-EX
183 SugarDaddy

These 6 models should allow me to ski anywhere anytime, with anyone, in any condition. Just have to make sure I pick the right one for that day. Its a good thing I can take all to the hill and switch if required.
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any pics on the net anywhere?
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Sounds like Atomic could be the brand to ski next year - talk about all skis for all occasions! [img]smile.gif[/img] Excellent to look forward to...
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