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Alta/Snowbird - Early December

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I am planning on going to Utah in early December (4-6) and am now concerned that although the resorts will be open much of the more advanced terrain may not be. I know the weather can't be predicted, but I would appreciate any comments on what it has been like in the past.

Also, this is my first post and I am not having such good luck with the search function. If there is already a link for this, sorry.

Any previous search links that discuss trails at Alta/Snowbird would also be appreciated (Like the guide I was able to find from Bob Peters on Jackson Hole).

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Well, your guess is as good as mine. We have had huge dumps before Thanksgiving (it has snowed 30" at Alta this week alone, but it may not snow for a month), huge dumps after Thanksgiving, and Huge dumps in December. We have also seen no snow up until Christmas, although extremely rare. Alta's latest opening ever is sometime in the middle of December (1977 I think). There are also some resorts that will not be open by those dates. There is no way to accurately answer your questions. Both Alta and Snowbird need a lot of coverage to cover most rocks.
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I think the answer to your question is here
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you will most probably see me there the same time. Here is what i have noticed in the last couple of years. Alta opens all 8 of its lifts the fastest. Unless it is a really bad year I expect all of Alta to be open by the Dec 4th weekend. Snowbird on the other hand is a different story. The Gad valley lifts open first. The tram maybe open. More than likely Mineral Basin will not be open - unless its a great year. couple of years back - they did open Mineral basin on the first saturday in Dec.

so cross your fingers.
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