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Originally Posted by AlpineZone
As I understand it there's a shuttle between Sugarbush and MRG. If you stayed at Sugarbush, you could always shuttle to MRG. That'll free up the car for your wife if she's not into skiing MRG that day. Justa thought...
Yes, there is a Shuttle that makes several stops around the Mad River Valley called the Mad Bus
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Does anybody know anything about the Trapp Family Lodge in terms of amenities and distance to the resorts? I hear it's pricey but I'm not worried about that.
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Trapp etc..

Trapp is very picturesque, food is good, rooms adequate. Check out Stowe's website, the Lodge at the mountain has some great deals, and the rooms are really good. The Stowe Inn, owned by Peter Rushp, is usually good value.
Green Mountain Inn is centrally located, lovely hotel. The Commodores Inn is also very convenient and reasonably priced.

To compare the major resorts mentioned:
Sugarbush...great terrain, good lift service, badly managed, no real
MRG....extremely unreliable snow history, awful lift service, challenging terrain
Bolton...locals area, uninspiring village, good lifts, small area
Jay....brutally cold, great glades, no village, no apres-ski, good lifts.
Tremblant...BIG, avoid the tram, a tad boring, lively village, good value.
Stowe...lovely real village, adequate lifts, great terrain, if you can ski the
Front Four plus Lookout with style...you're a good skier!
Stratton.....intermediate paradise, groomed to total uniformity, crowded
and expensive.
Kmart( Killington)..great terrain, awful trail design, good lifts, ugliest access
road in ski-dom.
Okemo....superbly run, good lifts, adequate terrain
Mt Snow....pass!
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Wow - there ARE some positives about other mountains in VT (other than Stowe...and I see that skiswift forgot to mention the awful traffic jams on rt. 108 that befall the 'lovely real village' (OK, it is lovely)). I do agree that the skiing there is incredible.
Sugarbush, whilst not having a complete on mountain village, does have a beautiful town with several restaurant and shopping/recreation options
MRG - 'awful lift service' translates to ...yes, we still have a single chair, people wait in line for either that or the double (fixed, non high speed)...but the people you meet in line are usually friendly and passionate about skiing natural snow and true New England trails (similar to Stowe's trails - narrow and challenging...they just don't dump manmade on many trails).
Bolton - great area if you are on a budget or have kids that want to ski on their own.
Jay - phenomenal powder stashes - a bit removed...and if you dress for the cold, it's not a problem, but it's exposure can make it a bit chilly at times.
Stratton - ok, I agree with Skiswift on Stratton, Kmart, Okemo and Mt. Slow (the only place I have EVER seen a crowd turn on a fellow skier for holding up a lift line by getting hit by a quad chair - god forbid they are bleeding on the lift ramp, don't slow the line down!)
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I still vouch for Mt. Slow. Just not on wknds. or holidays. But Coach'll be nowhere near, so moot point.
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btvski, great name! I live in Essex Junction and ski and teach at Smugglers Notch. Get in touch if you want to chat or make a few turns (or terns as the case may be ) My e-mail is bg@vtlink.net
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