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Dalbello Krypton Model

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Is the volume of the new Krypton less voluminous than the standard Dalbello boots? I'm guessing it might be as the new boot appears similar to the Raichle Flexon. I like the feature on the Dalbello boots with the ankle- heel hold as well. Is this feature also incorporated with the Krypton.

Has anybody purchased a pair yet? They aren't in the stores here yet but supposed to be arriving soon. I was curious if there was any feedback yet on the boot. I'm skiing in the Dalbello V- Pro now , and I think its really a comfortable good skiing boot. More volume than I need , plus I have skinny calves. I have the booster strap installed and reduced the volume of the boot a bit with an wedge under the liner.

I'm thinking the Krypton model will probably fit me better to start with and I like the features of the boot.
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Thanks Pow Digger. Just about everything has been covered in the previous threads.We'll hear hopefully in a couple of weeks if they ski as good as they sound.
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We got our demo/display boots today, and I had an opportunity to try them out on the floor 3 weeks ago. I'm a big fan.

They rock.
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I was also in the boot this past week. I am going with it. Deal is cut, bribes were made, boots are shipped. This is a big leap of faith, I hope I am happy once I get them on the slopes. I am going with the Cross. I will also be using Thermoflex liners in them.
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