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October Newsletter Out

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Yesterday we put out the October edition of the EpicSki Academy newsletter. Ordinarily, I would be posting a note to encourage people who aren't on the distribution list to PM me if they want to start receiving the newsletter about the Academy. But since this is most likely the last edition of the newsletter, I'm not doing that.

The newsletter has been fun, and I hope you have found it useful.

Starting next month, as part of our efforts to improve the website and make it more valuable, we will begin sending a new and broader newsletter to everyone who is registered on the website and who has indicated in their user profile that they want to receive communications from the website. The new effort will continue to provide information about instructional programs, but it will focus more generally on the website, other Gatherings and so. I would be very interested in hearing for anyone who wants to contribute to it, or who has ideas about what it should include.

So, now for the administrivia--if you have been receiving the newsletter at a different email address from the one you registered on the website, and you want to keep getting the newsletter, you'll need to update your user profile to provide the correct email. If you don't want to get any newsletter, you need to update your user profile to change the communication preference. And, if you're just happily rocking along, you don't need to do anything.
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If you don't receive the newsletter, you can view it here:

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