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Mammoth may open on Thursday!

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Mammoth is struggling to get ready for an early opening. We have the snow(18" plus0 and are getting more(3' maybe) as I write this. Although the big decision won't be made until Wednesday, the talk is four chairs open on Thursday. Oh yea!
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I think I am going to go nuts soon if I can't ski.

You Westerners are making it worse.
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I say friday at the earliest and most likely saturday. If so, I'll be there on Sunday!!
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I have a meeting In Los Angeles on Wendesday Nov. 3rd. How many hours drive is it from LA (Downey) to Mammoth Mtn? Maybe I can ski two days and take a red eye home Friday night?

It looks like a long desolate drive on the map!
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longish - five, maybe six hours, depending - but not desolate, at least in my opinion. stare off to your left not long after mojave and view the snowcapped eastern sierra. take a peek at mt. whitney. witness all those bc lines.

then you're there.
then you're skiing.
then it's worth it, plus some.

Driving tips: The towns of Independence, Lone Pine and Bishop all have very active radar enforcement. DO NOT go more than 5 miles per hour above the posted speed limit in these areas unles you have a good detector or like going to traffic school and paying fines. The CHP also has radar and patrols these areas: Most of 14 from LA to Mojave; Little Lake to Olancha/Cartago; Independence to Big Pine; and around Tom's Place. Mammoth Lakes sheriffs also use radar.

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I guess I was wrong!!!

I just read on the Mammoth forums that the word has "unofficially" come down that they will open on thursday.
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Thank you for the excellent info regarding driving to Mammoth from LA. Greatly appreciated. 5-6 hours to get first turns is well worth the effort. Is there any place along the way or in Mammoth Lakes that sells tickets cheaper than the resort window price. Also on the website all the ski and stay rates were per person double occupancy. Any recommendations on where I could get a decent single room rate and a discounted ticket. Thanks.
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i have a pass so don't know much about discounts. as for cheapish yet near-to-the-hill lodging, you might try this:

(cool little coffee/espresso shop right there, too.)

others may know of cheaper lodging and discounts, etc.
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It's desolate. However, there are some scenic landmarks! http://forums.mammothmountain.com/me...&threadid=6905
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I don't think Mammoth has any discounts, however there may be early season rates in effect. Lodging should be cheap, as this is the slow season. Expect chairs 1,2,6,11 for Thurs, with more to follow for the weekend. By the way, it is dumping, and I just saw some guy on touring gear glide by. I may have to take out my waxless teles and go for a glide.
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It's official!
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How far a drive from Sacramento?
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I'm going to be there from November 11th-16th for a race camp, so your news is indeed welcome.
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5 to 6 hours to Sacto depending on the weather...50 to 395
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When they open the mountain what will open first? Granted I'm not familiar with this mountain but may be out that way and I'm pondering if it's worth the time and money this early in the season.

Is it likely to be beginner terrain or will there be fun stuff for advanced skiers?


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just went to the mammoth page to check the web cams. opted for the Canyon Lodge view. Can't. "Too many clients."
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hey, you guys; quit hogging the webcams !
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Lets see if those new AT bindings don't get here soon I just might have to take that 13-15 hour drive to Mammoth. If they do arrive I'll be up somewhere in the Cottenwood canyons trying out this skinning thing everyone is talking about.
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from my mammoth mail

Good Morning my faithful Mammoth lovers.

It is opening day and a day not to be missed on Mammoth Mountain. Early season storms left almost five feet of fresh snow on Mammoth Mountain earlier in the week. Mother Nature is smiling on her crown jewel this morning with clear skies, calms winds and a beautiful new winter coat of white.

Wind and weather permitting we are operating Broadway Express and Discovery Chair this morning.
More lifts and terrain will open for the weekend. Stay tuned to MammothMountain.com for all the updated conditions.

Hours of operation are 8:30am-4:00pm. Value season lift tickets are $50 for adults, $37 for

teens, and $25 for children and seniors.

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I'm heading that way after my appt . in LA on 11/3. I'm really excited about it . I'll be able to get two days in (Thursday& Friday) and take the 11:20 PM flight back home from LAX Friday night.. Maybe more winter weather in the interim?

If winter weather doesn't sustain , would the temps at Mammoth still be in the 40's or so? I would want to avoid pure glop at the bottom of the mountain and 60 degree temps.
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It was very good. tons of freshies, good coverage, good vibes, and 1,2,3 open. The best opening day I can remember. Look for the top to open in a big way this weekend.
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That is a nice storm to kick off a season with...(55"). Much more impressive then the Loveland 18" news from last week. We'll still have a few weeks to go around here I'm sure, but who knows.....
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Great day

Great day with good friends. Skied off trail all morning, snow was great and no rock damage.

Got a free glass of champagne, a free tee shirt, and a free high five from Wooly.
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Friday was even better. Chair 23 opened with great pow and buff. Everything filled in, and nothing slid. Skied the Drops, Wipes, noids, Etc... Did not hit a thing. The Gondy has not gone yet, and everything past Cornice (almost even had a cornice) was closed, so there are freshies waiting to be had in the Climax, Hanger's, Daves area.
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from the Mtn. High forums


(ignore the avatar, focus on the snow.)
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