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Trying to look through the various models of skis out there, getting some idea of which skis I might want to try, what's on sale now that might be a fun addition to my growing stockpile of skis - am finding it very frustrating to go through the various ski reviews and find little to no information about what's different from one year to the next. Obviously some gear didn't make it back this year, but when a model like the Atomic TENEX returns, where can you find information about just what's different in this year's model besides a new paint job? (I see on Keelty's web site that the dimensions of the ski have changed or maybe that's a typo 118/84/110 vs. 117/84/109) In the car industry, for example, there are several guides that come out for the model year that run down what each manufacturer is doing and usually outline the new models and specifically address what's changed on the returning models. Why can't someone in the ski industry do that!?!
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That's what this forum is for [img]smile.gif[/img] ...

I've looked at both this and last year's TENEXs side by side. This year's is the exact same dimmensions as last year's. It is reported to be a slight bit softer, but after flexing both of them it is hard to tell the difference. The biggest change is the material in the top-sheet that makes it torsionally stiffer (but again, this is a slight imporvement, as last year's was already exceptionally torsionally stiff). No noticeable change in weight. It is still a very beefy fat ski.
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I have not seen the Blizzard, but other manufacturer's are moving their fat skis in a higher-performance direction.
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Sometimes if you do a search of the internet you can come up with last years (or the year before) specs for skis.

I found a page that listed the changes for the Bandit XX - information that wasn't listed on the Rossie site. I've also had the same luck with Volant.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by AC:
... I've looked at both this and last year's TENEXs side by side... <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

By any chance have you run into any Blizzard Titans yet? It seems like they may be trying to give the 10ex's a bit of competiton in the mid-80's, deep sidecut department - yes/no???

Tom / PM
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