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Volkl 724 PRO - 170 or 177?

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The 724 PRO - great ski - but what size? I am 5'11(6'0 on a good day), 175 lbs and am a very aggresive skier with a background in racing. I ski out east and like to make short to short-medium radius turns. This 724 would be for the powder days when my two other skis a 155 Atomic SL and 156 Elan SL dont do so well. My question is specifically, considering I am used to super stiff SL skis - what size should I get in the 724 to make it a great powder ski, but with the flexibility to carve powerfully on the hardpack using short/medium radius turns. I feel the 177 might be a bit large for that? Is there really any serious advantage to going larger? or any serious disadvantages to going smaller?

I know with my 156 Elan SL friends were saying that was too small at that size - but the skis are so stiff (and technology has progresses so far) I can pull high-speed GS turns with them on the frontside of sugarloaf - so I know these 724s arent race skis, and arent as stiff - but will the 177 be overkill>? THANKS!
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You are right on the edge. I'm your body double (+/- 10 lb.) and I ski a 170 X-scream as my shorty carver, and a 177 Head Cyber as a rock ski. I split th diff. and weent with a 174 cm. Axis XP as my new do-it-all.

Based on your comfort on the short stuff, I'd say stay with the 170. The 7 cm won't make a world of difference in the pow.
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I see x-dog's point

I see xdog's point but I will disagree. The 7cm's WILL make a world of difference (I think). For someone who is very similar in weight and height to myself, and who (from the sounds of it) is as strong or a stronger skier than me, I say go for the length. You'll handle them great and you'll like the length when you're bombing through eastern snow, or for that matter...western snow.

Just FYI, my shortest skis are 175cm.....longest are 186cm.
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IMO the 170 would be a better ski for you. I have a big friend 6'2" 250 + who skis it in 177cm, he was told to get the 177cm by two shop tech's, one was a WC tuner who we have known for over 10 years and the other tech is also a big boy. They both ski it in 177cm. In VT. So I think you should grab a pair in 170cm.
My first thought is way do you think the 724 Pro is what you need. I'm a Volkl man, but I demoed the Dynastar Legand 8000 last March and I think that ski might be a better choice. Or something in that line. I ski in VT, I know the Loaf gets more snow then we do, but do you really need a powder ski. I also have Atomic 10EX's with an 84 waist that I keep for the powder, when we get it.

I can see where you have to many short skis and may be looking to expand your choices. The Pro may be a good choice for a all mountain ski but for powder I think you'll need more waist. I now my son who is a x racer, now instructor, Atomic man loves his Pocket Rockets for the powder. Skis his R11's most day's.

The waist on the Pro may make the ski a little slow to turn for you. You may have to get your mind in the proper "mind set" so you don't try to react quicker then the ski. I have had day's where after skiing the powder in the trees on my EX's that I'd do a face plant out on a normal run because I was trying to turn them as quick as my Volkl G3's, I went home for lunch and changed skis. Granted I'm 50 y/o now and may not have the young legs you do. With that thought in mind, my son has trained in the GS course on his PR's. He'll make short turns like his on his SL skis with them. He's only 17 y/o.
I hope that helps and gives you something to think about.
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Do you want a powder ski or a ski you can run gates? If you want to run gates (which I know you have other skis for) then get the 170. If you want float and stability go for the 177. I see max and xdog's points, but I, however, disagree. You're a strong skier, you will be able to handle them no problem. I think you'll get more out of a 177...that's all.
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177 No doubt. You are too heavy for 170, and the guy who weighs 250 is way too big for 177! I am 6'0" 185-190 and I ski the 177s. If you are a strong skier, go with the 177, if you are not...don't go with the Pro
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I don't know about the 724's, but I had the Motion 2 years ago. That was the G3 with a Motion binding, and it had a 70mm waist. The 177 was OK, but the 170 was better, even in soft crud. I'm 6'1" and 190 lbs.

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There are better skis to buy short.
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Judging by your size and ability and terrain (I'm from the 'Loaf also but now live in Chicago) go with the 177's. Thats what I had them in last year, and we are similar builds.
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geez, thanks for all the replies guys. It seems the consensus is 177. And I guess thats what I was leaning to if only because the Elans (156cm!) are tanks ( get these skis, they are a GS skis and Sl rolled into one -unreal ability if you push them) and can really charge through anything as long as it is not too deep. So what I really need is a deep powder guy. I am looking to take these things out west from time to time and I guess that extra length might help on the high speed turns in the deep stuff (we still have jay peak-its close in snowfall at least! *sigh*) Anyways in response to MaxCapacity - I chose the 724 mostly becuse after skiing foam/microcell core skis Rossi makes (they die so fast/become flat)for a long while I have been permanetly afraid of skiing other foam core skis .....I love wood cores - and I think Volkl makes damn good skis. I have pretty limited experiences with skis, mostly race skis, bit from what I have skied volkls, overall, ski the best.

Anyways thanks for the replies guys - lets hope New Hampshire snowfall matches the Selkirks this year......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The foam core ski is the same reason my big buddy is on Volkls now the to shop tech's, both big boy's talked him into Volkl from Atomic. He wouldn't listen to me. I'm the same size as you. I have a abality to ski 6 different pairs so I covered. It sounds to me like your looking to add another ski next year. So you may want to plan for that. I have the AX3 in 170cm, the G3 in 177cm, the 10 EX in 177cm, my sons PR's in 165cm, his R11's in 170cm and an old pair of Atomic10.20 widebody's in 170cm. If you like high speed the longer lenght is the way to go with the Pro. I know the Loaf has places you can really ski fast.

IMO next year add something like the PR.
Then the year after check out something in 170cm.
If you need help in spending your money PM me...
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Hi, I would recommend 177, but not 170. I personally would go for 184 and I'm 5'11 185lbs. I ski GS type turns, but if you like small-medium turns, go for 177cm.
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