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Thin Calf boot fit :(

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I have Technica Icon Alu's HF's. I have thin calfs with a high muscle structure. While the foot and heel fit well, I had to drill and move the buckles in and I always seem to have them maxed out by the end of the day. Any suggestions on a way to make the calf area more comfortable and more stable?
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I have this same problem. I'm trying to bulk up my calves. Ask a bootfitter about the fit, they'll probably add a pad on the tongue of the boot.
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Try laminating some foam (1/4") to the tongue of the liner. You may need to add some to the outside of the cuff of the liner as well. It should make it feel that your calf is larger and lower down the leg. Remember as you move the buckles farther out and tighten the wrap, you are stiffening the boot.

Good luck
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I had the same problem. I applied the padding around the liner up the cuff.
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Why did you buy them? Surely this was a noticeable problem in the store?

I'm afraid the best solution is bulking up those calves.
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Try running the powerstrap inside the shell directly against the liner. Let me know if this helps.
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all kidding aside, increasing the muscle mass of the head of one's gastrocnemius won't do much to change lower leg shaft fit.

1/4" laminar padding has saved my skinny lower legs from the perils of bad boot shaft fit. don't be afraid to use it, and if you have access to a Dremel tool, you can make wonderfully customized volume adjustments in your boots.

my Rossi B2 boots were new last year, and by the end of the season were losing grip around my achilles. I cut some 1/4" laminar foam patches to match the hollows of my lower leg/achilles tendon/heel complex, and trimmed them with the dremel as needed to relieve pressure points/hot spots.

if you're not used to the dremel, be careful, as you can easily and rapidly burn a hole instead of lightly changing whatever you're grinding.
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Thanks for the advice on the foam, that seems to be the consensus. Gonzo, you are right on the money, my calf's are strong and in decent shape, its the head of the muscle is up high. As it gets stronger it actually seems to exacerbate to problem. The fit was good when I bought new, the boot fitter was the best I could find around this area so I would have to say a better boot fitter may have set them up a little better. I would hate to mess my boots, I will seek proper professional boot fitter surgical skills. I really appreciate the help. Gonzo, I may have to buy you a $25 glass of wine with that buffalo steak. Benny, Thanks, I didn't realize I was messing with the flex.
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If you have thin calves, you probably have low volume feet. Flexons.
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Phil, actually my foot is about "normal" just on the margin of a "D" width and normal toe box. My ankle pocket is low for sure. The rest of the boot fits great though, very comfortable, buckles in the center.
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Originally Posted by Ron
Phil, actually my foot is about "normal" just on the margin of a "D" width and normal toe box. My ankle pocket is low for sure. The rest of the boot fits great though, very comfortable, buckles in the center.
Still, try a Flexon w/ thermoflex liners on. My solution to most boot fitting problems
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No Raichle can comfortably fit a person with E or EE forefoot width
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If your boot and stance is quite upright you can also put a shim between the liner and the cuff. This will take up some of the slack and put you in an agressive stance. It is also relatively easy to reverse. My boot fitter made some for me from an old Raichle shim and it almost looks stock. LewBob
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Thanks Bob, I do intend to put a shim in either the toungue or behind the liner.
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Put booster straps on and run them inside cuff. I have same problem. This is how I solved it!
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I have Booster's wouldn't ski w/out
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