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After reading about the verticalfeet website i decided to check it out. and man some of the stuff on there is depressing. i feel bad for those poor folks who live in the midwest and have to deal w/ the 500-1200 feet of vertical. i went on a road trip this summer w/ a friend of mine...started out in vancouver, wa and ended up in grand haven, mi. we drove through pretty much every state in the midwest...nebraska, iowa, minnesota, wisconsin, michican, missouri, indiana, illinois, south dakota....well all i've got to say is i'm glad i live here on the good coast w/ all the mountains!! we saw signs for a few ski resorts along the way and there wasn't a hint of elevation anywhere near us. anyways, i just had to let loose w/ my 2 cents....didn't mean to offend anyone...LET IT SNOW
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I've heard some people say skiing in the prairies is garbage.

Apparently this is not far from the truth. I was told, although never personally confirmed, that some ski hills are actually built on waste disposal sites.

Any of you midwesterners want to confirm or deny this.

PS: no offence intended.
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I'm pretty sure that Bintz's Apple Mountain is a large garbage heap and I think the top of Mt. : Brighton was also finished in a stylish trash pile that's covered by vegetation now. There may be more in Mi but I'm not that up on the subject. Realistically though, if it doesn't smell, how many better uses could unrecyclable trash be put to? If your fridge is what makes the large protrusion that I fly off of and enjoy, who's to care until spring. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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