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Cheap tickets for Vail?

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Okay, i have decided to use the 4-pack for Breck, Keystone, and A-Basin for my week in the area this spring. My only dilemma is that we were hoping to get at least two days at Vail. All of the coloradopass.com offers have to be purchased in person - and i'm not sure if i can even remotely purchase the 4-pack. My question is: is there any way to get discounted tickets to Vail? The last time i was out there i think we purchased tickets at Garts or REI (one of those big Colorado shops). Is there a way to purchase the offers at Coloradopass.com without personally going to Colorado to buy the tickets?
Thanks for any aditional help you guys can offer
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If you have any Frontier Airline miles they can be converted to Peaks Points. 2500 miles=10,000 peaks points or 1 lift ticket. If you don't have any miles, they do have credit cards that gives you miles. You get 2500 bonus miles for the no fee card and 7500 miles for the card with a $49 annual fee.

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Several years back on the way to Vail, we stopped at King Scoopers Super Market off of I-7O, I think it was the one where Apple Jacks is or the next exit after, and I inquired if discount Vail tickets could be purchased. The guy behind the counter told me I had to specifically ask him for Vail tickets . They were not allowed to advertise that they had them. He sold us discount Vail tickets. This was in the spring, probably very late March or early April. Its probably likely that my good fortune was some rare exception and they no longer do this. I'd hate to tell you that you could get Vail tickets this way and be wrong.

I never tried again on subsequent trips becasue I received a Colorado Card in the mail several months later that provided me even better discounts. I know other people from out of state have tried to get the Colorado Card and have been told that being a Colorado resident is necessary. Believe me ,its a rarity when I get lucky like that.

I was down at Aspen two years ago standing in line at the window and a resident came by and sold me a day ticket that was good for $50 , saving something like $20 from the window rate. Somebody in the bars has to know somebody that has passes to sell , cheaper than the window rate. Good luck.
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Sign up for the peaks card. 14 day advance purchases are discounted significantly.
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Here is what i found - which i may go with. At A-basin you can get what they call a bonus pass, for $229. This pas gives you a season pass at A-basin, and 5 ski days that you can use at Keystone, and Breck, one of which can also be used at Vail of Beaver Creek. The price for us comes out to $38/day, which is resonable i think. The pass can be purchased online, so us NYers are all set in that respect. The dates we are going to be there skiing are the 13th - 18th (sunday through friday) of march. I think that misses any blackout dates associated with skiing at the other 4 mountains.
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Does anybody know where to get discount lift tickets for beaver creek? Heading there in december!
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