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another stupid solly question

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What do all the screws and adjustments make on the s912ti binding do?

Also, I think that this is just a bunch of marketing junk but is this true?----(about last years sollys)

""Salomon has banished the hinged feeling from its Pilot system: Now, when you dive into fast turns or rough snow, the ski powers through instead of feeling floppy at the toepiece. ""
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Just off the top of my head, some screws hold the binding to the ski, some are for adjusting the binding to fit the boot, and some are for setting the release tension. If you couldn't figure that out yourself, time to give up skiing and take a stab at baseball.

I heard somewhere that there are no stupid questions. I guess it has something to do with those who ask them.
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If you're talking about the non-Pilot binding, the screws are as follows:
Toe Piece
1. Big screw on front: Spring DIN settings
2. Big screw top centre: Height adjustment
3. 4 screws mount the binding to the ski/plate. Two are easily visible, and the other two are reached down the two holes either side of the top screw.
4. On one side, there's a screw for adjusting the width of the wings

1. Big screw on back: Spring DIN settings
2. Single screw in front of binding: For the brake.
3. Two screws visible either side of the binding mount it to the ski.
4. Under the brake are the two other screws used for mounting the binding

And that's it (as far as I know, based on the 912ti mounted on poweraxe race plates on my 3Vs)

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YES I know what screws hold it onto the ski, and which ones adjust the DIN and thank you WTFH for the help.

there is one more screw on the front of the binding, I would take a guess that it is to adjust the entire binding front and back(kinda like atomics)

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If you ask partial questions, you only get partial answers. If you ask non-specific questions, you get broad answers.

The screws and adjustments make the bindings work.

The S912Ti has no fore-aft adjustments. It requires the proper placement when mounting. The S912Ti Pilot as found on the Scream 10 Pilot Hot has a screw on the front which is for centering the boot on the ski properly, a feature on all Pilot ski/binding products. Technically, you can use this feature to alter fore-aft positioning, but what you do on the toe, must be done on the heel too. The toe and heel are not linked together.

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The Scream10 Pilots from the past few years have felt noodly underfoot and toward the front of the binding. This years models have special construction in those areas to eliminate the problem. The Crossmax had some big spacers that seemed to make them ski better than the Scream models. The Scream Pilots have tested poorly the last few years and never took off the way the old X-Scream Series did.

So in other words, its not marketing bs. Salomon is wisely admitting that the first few generations of Pilot weren't the greatest. I've heard from numerous people (people that didn't like the older Pilots) that the new Scream Hot and Xtra Hot ski really well. Salomon has even come out and admitted that the old Pilots didn't satisfy the high end skier like they would have hoped.
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