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Change to F1 for 2003 ?

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More shape for next year?
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Accoring to the Volkl rep in my area construction and shape are unchanged for next season. Piston Motion is added as an option. Personal opinion - Piston Motion kills any liveliness a ski has.
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Next years P50 F1 will bechanging to all 21m radius side cuts no matter what length. I was told this by the eastern race rep. So no matter hat size you have the radius will be 21m. I guess they are just changing the tip and tail demensions depending on length. I didnt have the chance to ski the new F1 but i skied the sl with the new piston plate and didnt care for it at all. Nice ski but just doesnt feel like a race ski as far as performance on ice is concerned.

As for the piston plate it dampened the ski a lot but didnt seem to take the livliness out of it. It seemed to ski a lot like my salomon hangl plate, but didnt seem to transfer as much energy as the hangl does. They do a nice job of quieting the ski. the rebound is there but its more difficult to feel because the ski feels so damp.

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Isn't a 21m shape a major change? Isn't the current 102-65-88 shape approx 26-27m?

This piston plate - is this part of the Marker binding? Or is this fixed to the ski? Could I just get a plain Marker binding for the ski and avoid the dead feeling?
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The piston is a cross between the motion system and the energyrail plate from 2 years back. It is a plate and piston with a marker binding built into it that sits on two rails that it obviously slides on. The binding is attached to these rails by what looks like 4 screws from the side. The two in the front look like clamp type of screws that are free moving and able to slide ont he rail and the rear screws look as if they are fixed but serve as an axis for the ski to flex around. therefore it is a floating toe and a fixed heel, but the whole system flexes.

As to your question about using another marker binding: You would have to get a ski that did not have the rails on it, i believe they are built into the ski (this not be true because i was told that the plate could mount to any skis - if the rails are not premounted that it would be possible to use the binding for any ski or not use the binding at all on volkl skis - although it is marketed ass a system...). Volkl does sell versions of this ski without the piston plate. There is currently a brand new pair of 170's on ebay for $250 without the piston binding.

ps. NCskier: The 21m radius may have only been going into effect for the shorter langths as i believe the longer lengths should be well over 21 m and someone who is a strong skier would want a larger radius for racing. I'll see if i can scout out the dimensions of all the lengths for you.

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I wonder if the "dead feeling" is truly a bad thing. I remember thinking the same thing about the first time I rode with Rock Shox. Dead feeling or not, I was much faster, and learned to feel the ground again. I don't think anyone would complain about the front of their bike feeling dead now, even though we all did it back in the day.
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There will be two different dimensions for next season F1 (P50 GS Racing):

188, 193cm : 104-65-90
168, 173, 178, 183cm: 102-65-88
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and I thought you were speaking of auto racing!!! sheesh
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