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Volkl Forty-Four

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Hello All,

I am thinking about buying the '03 Volkl Forty-Four Ski. I am an intermediate skier who mostly skiis on groomed runs in Ontario. I am 215 lbs, 6 Ft and the size i am getting is 170 CM.

Do any of you have any info on this ski? Is this a versatile ski on groomed runs? I have checked everywhere and cant seem to find any info.

I would greatly appreciate some response to my inquiry.

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I know quite a bit about the Volkl line, and all I can tell you is that there is no ski in the US lineup called the 44. Sounds like an SMU for Canada to me. SMU's are typically less expensive skis that are made to please one mass marketer or another.
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I carry Volkl at my shop and can tell you for certain thaty there is no such ski for the U.S. liine-up.
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SquareTrade © AP6.0This is the on

Th"BRAND NEW" 03 VOLKL FORTY-FOUR SKI PACKAGE - 177CM Description YOU ARE BIDDING ON A BRAND NEW PAIR OF VOLKL FORTY-FOUR SKIS, 177CM COMPLETE WITH MARKER M10 BINDINGS. THESE SKIS HAVE NEVER BEEN USED AND COME IN THE ORIGINAL FACTORY WRAPPING. THE REGULAR RETAIL PRICE ON THE VOLKL FORTY-FOUR IS $999. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS GREAT OFFER. You will love the Volkl Forty-Four because it's so easy to ski on while holding an edge during carved turns on a wide range of terrain. It's width under foot ensures stability and comfort at all speeds. Complete with the co-ordinating Marker Motion 10 binding.
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The pic (above) is the only pic I could find of the ski I am looking to buy.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
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