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Head i.XRC 1100 Chip

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I have read some nice reviews for this ski. It really sounds like a great ski. I am probably a level 8 skier. For skiing all over the mountain (this includes some blues and greens with the wife and kids) mostly in Vermont, how will this ski do when I am not going fast and steep? I have demoed 6 stars and I had to work very hard when I was skiing with the family.
Any comments or suggestions would be very much appreciated.
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You sound just like me (except just a novice newphew). Based on info from Realskier.com, Peter Keelty strongly endorsed them. I violated the #1 rule in ski purchasing and did not demo first. I got such a good pre-season deal, $740 with HD14 bindings, I couldn't sasy no. I bought for the same reasons you are considering. My impression regarding slow skiing is that they probably still require some work although it should be less than the 6. You may want to consider 5*'s although everyone who has Heads with the chip rave about them.
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Ron, thanks for the response. I have also read the reviews on real skiers.

I hope you don't mind if I ask where you got your skiis. That sounds like a great deal. I live in Southern NJ. If you would prefer not to post it here, you could email me.

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Skiershop.com out of Stowe has last year's model for under $500. I tried them last year and almost bought them. Sweet skis; They were great at lower speeds and modest pitches, but were incredible at high speed. And they hold an edge better than any ski I have ever been on.:

( btw I have purchased from skiershop and recommend them: knowledgable, good service)
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The I.Xrc 1100 chip is a new ski for 05' You can call Josh @ skicompany.com 585- 292-0580. Not sure of the price now. Good people, easy to buy from. Skis were in the mail the next day. We are in the two day zone for UPS. They also have a good deal where within 3 years, you can apply 50% of your purchase price back on new skis. Where in NJ do you live? How far from Blue Mountain?
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Yeah the Chip is new, but the I.XRC 1100 was made last year and is a great ski. Was highly rated by Keelty last year as well.

The $740 price for the '05 is a pretty good price to be sure. If you're on a budget you might want to look at last year's too, those skis would be pretty hard to top.
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The chip has a little more off-piste abilities than the "RD", both are great skis though, no doubt. I think Ski company is selling the chips for $690 plus bindings. I am glad I bought mine back in August! Saved about $150.
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Thanks for the info.

I didn't know the chip ski was new this year. I think 699 is what my local shop is asking now.

Ron -
I live just east of Cherry Hill. I haven't tried Blue Mtn, although I might take the wife and kids there this season. It is a lot closer than Vermont.

I tried emailing Peter at Realskier to get his viewpoints on a couple of other skiis also. Hopefully, I will have a pair by late Nov. or early Dec.

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Hey Chris, don't wait too long, From what I have seen, not many shops are carrying the chip 1100. Since Ski and Skiing didn't review, the shops carried the RD instead. I don't know what size you were looking at but I know the shop I mentioned only had a 170 and a 177 left. I checked out Nestors in Quakertown and they're not carrying that model. I guess Princeton Sports is your shop? I know you will be able to get the 5*'s, but I doubt the 1100 chips will be around much longer.
Blue mtn is a good local mountain for day trips but don't think it's a substitute for a real mountain. I ski there at least 1x a week but that's because it's only an hour away and everything else even near with that travel time just sucks. Let me know if you plan to go. I think there are a few others who could probably meet up there.
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