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next year`s Volants??

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Assuming that there will indeed be a new line of Volants for next year, manufactured in Europe or wherever, have any of the loyal Volant fans heard any specific info on the skiis, models etc. The "original" steel line is getting a bit sketchy in ski shops and I am wondering if one should panic and try to get some T3`s, Gravity series etc. for future use or is the early info on the "new" skiis such that we can expect skiis with the "classic" Volant characteristics to be produced?
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The new line will be into'd in Vegas next week.The info that is out is that the construction is half steel cap half vertical laminate.( similar to Rossi?) The T-3 skis are going away leaving an updated Machete Series and a rebuilt Gravity and Vertex series. I hope to ski these in the next couple of weeks and will report. If you want any T-3 skis I Know a shop with a lot, drop me a private message.
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here is one of my links about them:

I did hold them on my paws.. I hav't had a chance to get mine yet, I will be making a call this week.
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Have you had a chance to test drive next year's Volants yet?
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Here is what Peter Keelty has to say in his On the SNow Column (full link is On the Snow

Volant: Back in the hunt
Everything old is new again, goes the song, and this describes Volant to perfection. Now a subsidiary of the Canadian Gen-X conglomerate, Volant has retooled basic design, incorporating composite sidewalls. The modified cap construction is less intrinsically important to performance.
This makes all the difference. From “so-so”, the tests we have completed so far are coming back in full rave. Some of our testers admitted their reluctance to try the skis at all this time around; Volant performance has been slipping behind the pack in the past season or two.

No longer. The new skis are so lively that anyone familiar with “silver skis for silver hair skiers” is going to have to think again.

Even with all the changes, Volant has not forsaken its core constituency. Though much more lively, the new Volant’s remain exceptionally easy to ski at recreational speeds and respond well to relaxed input (with some notable exceptions which I’ll identify in our results chart this summer).
Sadly, the CHUBB is gone. The CHUBB was, again in my opinion, the best recreational powder ski ever made. R.I.P.
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SnoWonder, I agree with you on the Chubb. In my opinion, it was the most "user friendly" powder ski on the market, and a choice of mine. What is Volant going to make for a powder ski? does anyone know? Maybe a version of the "Machete"?
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Just for the record, those were the words of Peter Keelty.
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I think that Volant will be introducing a powder ski again once the line has somewhat stabilized. The Chubb dropped off of the line a couple years back, but was reintroduced as a shapelier and stiffer ski. Right now I don't see a fat ski in the line, which may mean that they didn't have the time or resources to make the new technology work on the Chubb.

Shame, though. A ski store here in Anchorage told me that the Chubb was their #2 selling ski, right behind the Bandit XXX. There certainly a lot of them up on Alyeska.

190cm Volant Chubb (1st Generation)
190cm Volant Chubb (2nd Generation)
185cm Volant Epic
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