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ESA Full?

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Is there any room for someone in the ESA in December? - Steve
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Steve, the ESA is in January in Montana. The ETU (Eastern Tune Up) is in December.

Which reminds me that, sadly, while I'm in for ESA, I won't be able to make the ETU. To make a long, horrible story very short, I am actually going to be in Whistler buying ski boots instead. (Ridiculous? Yeah, well, I've been trying to get boots fitted in Toronto for 1.5 months now. Sigh.)

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There is still room at ESA, January 23-27, 2005, at Big Sky, Montana.
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ok i meant the etu

is there room in the vermont december ETU is what i meant.
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Originally Posted by SkiMangoJazz
is there room in the vermont december ETU is what i meant.
I hope so! I've been holding off until I can make sure that I'll have the money. Is there a cut-off date/number of people???
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I'm sure there is still space available for the ETU--and I sure hope so, since earlier today we put out a newsletter encouraging folks to sign up for both the ETU (December at Stowe) and ESA (January at Big Sky). There should still be room in both programs.

Obviously, the earlier you sign up the easier it is on the guys organizing and handling the logistics. So don't delay.

Right now we've got room for another twelve-fifteen participants at Big Sky (we're about three-quarter full for that one). I don't know exactly many slots are left for the ETU at Stowe, but I'm sure there is still space!
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Yes- there is room...

Thanks for asking! Yes, there is still plenty of room for anybody wishing to attend the ETU.

We have added a couple of extra coaches to our work list, so we should be able to handle even more skiers than we did last year. With average groups sizes running about 4-5 skiers per coach (one group only had 2 in it), the personal attention ratio was much higher than you will find in any environment short of a private lesson.

It seems that many who attended last year are planning on returning again, and bringing friends with them!

Though there is no cut off by numbers, we do need to have all registrations in by Dec 1, so that we can confirm numbers with Stowe (for lift tix) and the restaurant(for dinner).

Speaking for both the organizers and the coaching staff, we are really excited about this event, and can't wait for December to get here!

Regards- Ric
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Thanks for the update
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