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Tecnica Diablo Race Pro

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I am interested in the Diablo Race model. I am a bit concerned about sizing.
Unfortunately my only oportunity to get these boots is to order them (yes it is the only way). My current boot is the Icon XT 17. How does the Race Pro fit compared to the XT? Is the last narrower or do they fit the same? I heared that the Race Pro has a medium volume. There are three reasons(in my opinion) that make me think about going down a size:
1. It seems that it has a longe toebox.
2. The liner has a neoprene toebox.
3. It seems that the new boot is better rounded then the XT.

One more thing: is the Race Pro 110 the equivalent for the XT 17?

Thanks a lot. I need to know by thursday.
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Here is what I can tell you about the race pro. They do not have a neoprene toe box, at least mine do not. The fit is significantly narrower than a Diablo Fire by 1/2'' or so, through the fore foot. I have not tried on an XT model so can not help there. My foot seemed to Shell Size about the same in the Race Pro and Fire models. Which in the end was the same size as my old atomics.

I have the Race Pro 130, based on the Tecnica flex numbers FWTW the race pro should be marginally stiffer that the XT24. 130 and 120 for the XT24 if I remember correctly.

I have not skied on the boots, but I expect that they will be quite quick edge to edge with a nice progressive flex when used with a booster strap. Final point the boot fitter who worked on the boots found they a great boot to work on, easy to do what he needed to do.

Good luck on your boot hunt.
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When I ordered my Diablo race pros in the spring, tecnica told me they compared favorable to the XT 17, and even suggested I try on the XT for sizing. I went from an Icon carbon 24.5 (with lots of added fitting in the ackle and cuff) to a Diablo race pro 24.5. I had to have the toe box's ground out a little to make them fit. Can't wait to go ski them!
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Thanks for your answers. I have to say it's finally over. All the questions i asked about the Diablo Race were for a good friend of mine who is almost obsessed about them. In fact i started two or three threads about them because he had a lot of questions about them. I'm glad it's over. I even e-mailed Jeff Bergeron and asked him about these boots. But he didn't quite get the answers he was looking for.
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