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Salomon Equipe 10 RC

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Just returned from the WSSF at Whistler and demoed a lot of slalom skis which seemed counter to what everyone else was testing. Anyway during my visit to Salomon's tent I took out the rep's ski since he didn't have the Equipe 10 3V available. The RC, what's that? Race Carve - 2 mm narrower than the 3V throughout (i.e. 103-62-93).

Had a chat with the ski outlining my expectations of our date. Started off slow and gradually worked the gamut of turns and conditions I expected to use it. Afterwards I gazed lovingly at its speckled topsheet and asked where have you been all my life?

It's like a cinderella story - Salomon doesn't acknowledge it's existence on any of it's web sites and I only found it on a couple of foreign language sites .

Has anybody seen/ridden this in North America?

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I saw a pair of these up at Tramblount in March. A big racer type dude was riding them.
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Salomon did own up to their existence on last years site. I didnt pay a lot of attention to this years site so i dont know if they were on there or not. They are a fairly race-like ski though. I have seen a few of them but never talked to anyone who had been on them. They are designed to fill the race carver category, much like the Volkl P50 platinum. I think they are either the same construction as the older 3V, or possibly a race GS ski that was out a few seasons ago. Either way i think it lends itself to being more of a medium radius turning ski. Probably a lot like the EquipeAxe 2V from a few seasons back (the blue white and red one). I may have seen a pair for sale once, but i dont recall if i did or not. Either way they are very rare. Salomon sees it to be more profitable to market the pilot and crossmax skis, therefore does not spend a lot of money marketing their race line. Because of this, you dont often see their race skis in great quantities in comparison to their recreational skis. It is unfortunate that they dont market the line more... but the line could use a little revamping. Their retail race skis are not up to par with other companies. Their race stock skis however (slalom skis excluded) are dead on with the competition, and the GS skis i was on this year were way ahead of the competition in my opinion. For next season their race stock slalom ski is getting totally reworked i guess, and you can expect the retail shelf model to start coming with a tip around 110mm, but possibly keep the other dimensions... Time will tell on this one, but i think Salomon realized that their slalom skis had fallen way behind the competition.
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Warren, I also saw them in the tent at Whistler. The guys told me it was a race carver type of ski. Didn't take it out because I spent too much time on the Extra Hot.
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Too bad Lucky,

Brian (the rep) was nice enough to bring up his pair. They weren't on demo bindings so your boot sole would've had to have been close (mine was 295).

The plates were left and right and identified with HAUL and ASS respectively. If you put them on backwards you were an ASS HAUL. Ha!

The ski seemed to respond best to a finessed touch but could get it's 176 cm moving with a lot of snap if I pushed it. It wasn't fun in the bumps but I suck at those anyway.

I spoke with the local rep today. He said I was on next year's offering and that it would be available in September. Apparently it's been the favourite for a few local riders...

Other skis I demoed:

Salomon Pocket Rocket (185) - loved it in the steep and deep. Hated it elsewhere - WAY too squirrely on the flats (maybe too much tail with the centre mounted bindings)

Kneissl Red Star (160) - I've ridden this before and continued to enjoy it. Previous review

Rossignol 9X Oversize (176) - Kicked my ass. Punished me for being too eager to get into new turn as the new inside ski would come around before I had a chance to get the weight to the outside. Did a great Bode imitation, several times <ha ha>.

HEAD IC SL (160) - The amplified kickback was too strong for me. As long as I was reasonably gentle, all was well.
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