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Snow at Lake Louise?

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How's the weather at Louise and Sunshine? Any snow there yet?
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Snow is here!

It is snowing in Banff and Canmore! There were about 4 inches at the bottom of the Bow Valley in Canmore last night (driving back to Calgary today was no picnic). The web cam from Sunshine has been showing snow on the ground for the last couple of days:

Weather forecasts for Banff and Lake Louise for the next 10 days indicate snow, flurries, or showers for most of the time. There is no big dump forecast as far as I can see, but every little bit helps!

Less than four weeks to opening if everything goes as planned.
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Woo hoo! Sunshine is looking good!

Can you telll me when Goat's Eye usually opens, in comparison to the rest of the hill? I know it's later, but I don't know how much later.
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hopefully no more than a week or two,,,
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Goat's eye was at least a month behind the rest of the hill last year and I didn't consider it skiable for almost 2 months past that. There's a visicious rock band runs across the middle of all of it that needs a lot of snow. As for current situation here are some shots from Banff and about.

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Goat's Eye isn't usually worth skiing until around Christmas. Too windswept before then.

But who cares. You can ski right now at the Rae Glacier. Skied there yesterday and skinned and skied to and from the car. The snow on the galacier offered some great turns but the moraine was still a little boney. Today's snow may have fixed that.

Have fun
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Update on current conditions plz

Hi everyone,
Just wondering what the current conditions are like at louise and sunshine? I'll be in Banff on the 12th. Thks for the update
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Sunshine was ok this past weekend , snowing tonight if the forcasters are on track.
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Some great skiing at Lake Louise Mon and tues. Up high and over the back lots of snow blowing in and great skiing. Below treeline is a bit crunchy from the warm weather but the coverage is great. Just need a bit of snow to soften things up again. Like leeroy says we're supposed to get snow but as usual each day pushes it's arrival back anther day. Fingers crossed.
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Heavy Snowfall Warning for Banff Feb. 3/4

Friday's forecast from Environment Canada:

Snow at times heavy. Amount 5 to 10 cm except 10 to 20 cm at higher elevations. High minus 2.
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let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...
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1 foot of snow in town in Banff this morning. I have to go to edmonton so I all got was the joy of shovelling the lane.
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and so 'twas

...that the Bear Effect began to creep up into the B.C. interior.
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Originally Posted by ryan
...that the Bear Effect began to creep up into the B.C. interior.
Check your map..... although the BC interior is getting it as well just doesn't have much to do with Banff.
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ya know...

i half-expected that.

last i checked my map, banff wasn't all that far away from golden.

sorry to have transgressed so.

yeah, you're right. the two areas might as well be light-years away from each other and couldn't possibly ever share the same storm(s).

btw, just happy that snow's in the area; it wasn't intended as geographical or meteorological dissertation. es_wcan_1070_m_..................jpg&nbimages=1&cl f=1
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You're right they aren't far away and if weren't for that darn continental divide you could probably count on the same weather. Much different weather patterns often but this time all seem to be getting it. Just busting your chops really. 'muricans and their knowledge of our provinces and all.
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that's cool.

but again, the post was only about snow in the area, and that's all it was; zilch to do with provinces and/or maps. just snow.

take care, and happy chop-busting.
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Ryan you'll be happy to hear the whole area is getting it right now Golden included . I Just got back from Sunshine , freshies all day and still dumping like crazy.
For those around here thinking of going to the Banff area this weekend you may find a problem with the access road (closed twice today due to cars stuck on the hills) , too many people with the wrong tires and fewer brains can cause alot of problems when it snows on ice. Anybody heading up best be wary the RCMP have again started turning vehicles back that didn't have the right tires on.
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Originally Posted by ryan
that's cool.

but again, the post was only about snow in the area, and that's all it was; zilch to do with provinces and/or maps. just snow.

take care, and happy chop-busting.
Well snow was really what I was getting at and the area that it's relevant to. It happens the provincial boundary follows the continental divide and while distances as the crow flies can be small distances where the snow falls can vary hugely with the effect of the divide. The reason I pointed out the snow in Banff is when I posted it I wasn't sure if it was an upslope storm. In that case Banff may get it and even as close as Sunshine and Lake Louise may not. That will leave Golden totally out of it. So I guess you can take my post as less about political or geopgraphical boundaries and more about weather boundaries. Take the information for whatever you think it's worth I don't mean to force it on anyone. Enjoy your chop busting as well.
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