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atomic c9s

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Is the blue atomic C9 (C9 Beta puls with device 311 bindings) considered a unisex ski while the green is specifically a women's ski?

Have only demoed the green and am interested in buying but the descriptions of the product online do not specify what the difference is.

Also would love opinions on this ski if anyone has one

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Basically you got it right. The biggest differences between the two are;
1. the Greenish are 15% softer
2. the Greenish have the bindings mounted 15mm further forward.

Either ski can have the bindings located forward or back. The Greenish skis were intended for the female market, but not exclusive to. That is why the colour is not feminine. A lighter or older or young male could benefit from the softer flex, and the tech could adjust the binding back a bit to equal the placing of the Blue version.

The C9 Puls is the progression of the original Beta Carv 9.18. Over the years, technical developments and advancements have altered the ski for the better. This category has this ski as the benchmark. "Like the Atomic 9.18" has been the comparative coments by ski magazines in tests.
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Betaracer is correct.

I have skied the 918/C9 for awhile now. It is a great ski for groomers and has good edge hold on hardpack. Its quite narrow in the waist which makes it very quick edge to edge. It does tend to hang up a bit in crud or deep snow.

I'm going to switch to the Metrons this year, but I'm keeping my C9s in my locker.
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