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What could I expect in regards to open terrain at Vail over Thanksgiving? I've seen the advertisement with the guy in the mustard colored parka skiing thigh deep powder, captioned Nov. 22nd. I'm sure in the best of years Vail has had have great snow that early. If things this year start out kind of ho- hum, would Vail still have top to bottom runs open with their snow making capability.

Even with mediocre skiing at Thanksgiving , would Mid- Vail runs off the Mountain Top Express Lift be open, Northstar area?Can they blow snow all the way down Riva Ridge to the bottom and ski this run. I think the Lions Head area has a lot of snow making . Avanti?

I have some vacation time I need to use and a frequent flyer ticket, discounted hotel rates are available then, so I wouldn't be spending a lot of money. I'm realistic that the likelihood of the bowls being open that time of year is also about nil. I'd be happy just being able to cruise on some half decent snow and get my ski legs back.