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Killington Insider Secrets...

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hey all,

we will be spending the season at killington this year - due to the amazing ASC ski pass deal this season.

this is our first "season" at killington and I'm looking for tips/tricks from locals or regulars. please share!

thanks all,
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Originally Posted by klkaye
hey all,

we will be spending the season at killington this year - due to the amazing ASC ski pass deal this season.

this is our first "season" at killington and I'm looking for tips/tricks from locals or regulars. please share!

thanks all,
If they told you, an outsider, it wouldn't be a "local secret" anymore, now would it?
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There's a big article in this month's Ski Magazine with a Killington cheat sheet.

I love Pico, but have no desire to ski at Killington. Very similar to the Front Range pass deals in Colorado, if you can ski a lot during midweek, the ASC pass will be a good deal, but otherwise you're looking at big, ugly crowds.
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Take some lessons--Killington has world class instructors who teach classes as well as private lessons.

Follow the sun--Bear am, canyon pm
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Ski the trees off the catwalk just past Royal Flush.
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An instructa from Huntaa once told me something that I think would apply equally well at KMart. It's called the Huntaa tuck. Here's how ya do it.....

Whenever your crossing another trail on one of the catwalks.. just tuck and point both ski pole tips uphill.... should keep you a little safer at least.

Enjoy your season... and practice your New Yawkese.

Disclaimer: this is meant as humor... I have many friends from NY.
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I don't ski Killington very often. The last time was at a PSIA Masters Academy a couple years ago. This was a great experience but as for the place the crowd does seem to have a certain edge to it. Is it the New Yorker thing? I don't know but it did feel different from other places I've skiied. Having eyes in the back of your head to keep from getting mowed down would be useful. We had a difficult time finding anyplace safe to stop. The usual edge of the trail proved not to be safe since any gap between us and the trees of 10 inches or more seemed to guarantee some bozo would try to barrel through. Eventually we decided some place in the middle of the trail with an eye up hill and a readiness to move fast was the ticket. Even so, bodies on the hill seemed to be fair game for any careening yahoo. Otherwise the place was great!
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Not As Bad As All That

I ski the Beast about 45-60 days a year. Don't worry about all the 'oh so bad' that you hear. Yes there are days were it feels like you are skiing with all of New England but for the record they are few and far between... and usually early season. Keep in mind that they have a lot of lift capacity. Someone mentioned to follow the sun. Good recommendation. Add to that, that KP and Snowdon tend to be cooler and therefore less crowded. Here's another; drink at home. Why? Because you want to start when the lifts start! The best skiing is up to 1000 and good until 1230. Hard to make that 8:00 lift if you got tooted the night before and harder yet to put off lunch until after the crowds if the tummy is unhappy. Now here is a biggie. Avoid the following times if you can; Christmas Week, except for maybe the 1st and even the 2nd (this year everyone will be heading for home on the second) (Sunday's are always a good bet, esp PM), MLK weekend, Presidents Week, including the weekend that starts it and the one that finishes it(19-27). DO treat yourself to at least a couple excursions midweek once the whole place is up and running. And here's another tip; hardly any upper level skiers sign up for lessons which means you'll be in essentially a semiprivate setting. And the Ski Pros there are first rate, both FT and PF. (They have an incredible 'train the trainer' philosophy). And if you do find a crowed lift... don't go back to it! Go somewhere else... which means NEVER, never, not have a map it your pocket. There's a reason it's called the Beast:-). I won't bother to tell you to have fun, because I know you will.
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"Ski the trees off the catwalk just past Royal Flush."

The catwalk is called Racers Edge and the trees are called Toilet Bowl. They are southern exposure so some times get dicey, they can be amazing however. There are better lines in the trees where Julio resides. Start up higher though. Take the Gondola up and ski down to the top of the south ridge chair. There you will see a catwalk into the woods on the left. Despite that my particular favorite is the big dipper trees. Great pitch and snow over there. Everyone skis on the right side so it sucks over there. But if you go far left there are wonderful soft tight lines.

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Don't ski weekends or Christmas week.
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The main base lodge parking can become very crowded...don't bother with it. Park at Ramshead...or Bear Mt....the lodges there are a much more relaxed evironment for booting up. Will get you on the slopes faster too!

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The ski season there starts the day after President's day- the crowds diminish, the sun returns and the skiing improves---- x-mas thru Presi's may offer some good days, but don't fret - take some weekends off then so you are not burned out for April when the skiing is usually good and you can ski any lift at any time-
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Alfonse, becareful not to give away to many secrets. I agree weekdays are the best. When I go there on weekends I'm lucky enough to ski with a few of the insiders, They take me places that I don't even remember how to get to.

A week day tip, try to find someone who looks like they know how to ski well, try to talk with them. A few times, I have been lucky enough to hook up with some of the life time pass holders who have been skiing there since they were kids. Once I met up with one of the x racers/life time pass holder, she took me all over the place on a weekday.

If you know the hill you can get around easy. Enjoy your season. You'll learn the hill as you ski there more.
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I was just at Killingtons Website and they said they are focusing on Bear mountain this year. Blowing snow more snow on fiddle. A new park and new tree skiing on Bear. Any idea what the tree skiing they are opening over there is? Could it be the backside? That is seriously steep, it also ends up in an odd drainage that is hard to get out of. I am a mad river skier, however I have skied Killington Many many days. I still jet over there on Vermont days now and again, it is actually closer to me than MRG. We have bushwacked all around Bear and there is some great stuff, I am real curious what they did up there. The parking comment was a good one, I always park at the Gondola. I have seen keg parties at the end of the day on the way back to the gondola. Always amusing to see a sign on the side of the trail, "keg party on right"

So why not share secrets of good terrain? Isnt that why we are here? I would assume no gapers come here. I noticed people seem to be frank about their skiing ability here meaning they are not dumb enough to go on stuff they have no business on. I am hitting J Hole in Febuary and you guys better give up some goods before I head out!

For a hidden gem at killington try the trail Roundabout in the southeast ridge. As a kid that was my absolute favorite trail in the world. It is narrow, bumpy with a moderate pitch. Last year I hit it a few times and felt like a kid again, it is like riding a roller coaster.

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Killington is not so good - The crowds can be a problem but like most of the ASC resorts they have the capacity to deal with it - the key is just once you get to the top, try and go where everyone else it not. Follow as they say the path of least resistance. The problem is the terrain there just doesnt do it for me...Nearby Sugarloaf and sunday river man - if you got an ASC pass head there...Killington has outer limits and a couple other very good bump runs and it also has the best nightlife in the east but for terrain, while there is lots of it - I just dont think it is so great.

Geez, sorry you asked for insiders tips - and I was a total buzkill...
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Originally Posted by Alfonse
I am hitting J Hole in Febuary and you guys better give up some goods before I head out!
It's all good at J-hole...'jes point 'em down and go!

There are a lot of epic runs...what kind of terrain are you interested in?

"face shots for everyone"
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I like anything steep and deep. However the popular bowls and well known stuff is not hard to find. I will be bushwacking at MRG all season, so I would love to know where some of the hot tree shots are. Jackson is ranked top 5 free tree skiing in North America and I intend to find out why! The cool thing is I skied Squaw two trips ago, Whistler last trip, those are two tough tough mountains, now I am capping it off

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