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Boots: Long-Term Storage ?

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Hola skiers! It may be an old one, but please: for that dreaded skiing drought of 9-10 months in-between seasons, is it better to store boots with liners Inside or Outside of the boot? For Tecnica Icon XR 2001.

Also, after daily skiing, how is best way to dry them for following day?

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Hola amigo !!
I usually remove liners and place near heat source for about an hour or so after the days runs.Will later pack them (not too tightly) with newspaper for the night til the morning .
When storing them during the drought period the procedure is the same although the liners would stay packed with newspaper for a number of days(replacing the newspaper every day) after which they would be re-introduced into the shell and buckled up.
p.s You could also get some of those boot dryers but I have never used them so can,t comment on them !!
Regards Chipi

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Get a snapdry for drying. It only takes about an hour and is nice and quiet.

As for storage, lightly buckled, in a climate controlled place. No attics, basements, or garages. If one more person brings a boot into me because they were storing them in the garage and a rat crawled in and died they're getting a swift kick in the arse with it.
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To add to the above comments, I have always used the boot dryers (the heat stix kind) and have been very happy with them. I usually put them in the boots right after skiing and remove them before going to sleep.

I recently read the following when I came across an unrelated google search: To remove odor, put a fabric softner sheet in the boot (or any shoes). Again, I only read it, no personal experience.
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An open paper bag of baking soda works pretty good for removing odor. or as I mentioned in another thread, turn the boot liner inside out, and you can apply baking soda right to the liner. It will remove odor and moisture as well as a lot of dirt. scrub it into the liner let it sit for a few hours or days if you are getting ready to store for the summer. Then vacuum the baking soda out of the liner and return to the boot shell. I store mine loosly buckled in a plastic box (one of those rubber made ruff totes). with an open box of baking soda. (just like putting one in your fridge) Usually my main gloves, helmet, and goggles are also in this plastic box.
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Was reading this thread. I live in Malaysia, where its really humid. What should I do for boot storage to keep the boots dry?

Would the baking soda work?

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Baking soda will not de-humidify for very long. I would look for those desiccant packages. Put them in your boots and seal the boots in a plastic bag. Most of these packages can be re-activated by putting them in the oven at low heat for a while.
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Thanks dchan,

What is disicant and where can I get them?

Any other solutions that might be easier to find?

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A good source for silica disicant as a manufacturing/machine shop that works with cast iron. We used to get them (sandwich bag size), in crates with castings. We would just toss them.
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If you are a lover of Japanese food, the sheets of Nori used to make sushi are usually packed with desiccant packages. The 50 packs of Nori (seaweed sheets) have the big desiccant pouches.

also you can check here Desiccant City

Maybe if you give them a call they will send you some sample packets.
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I was in B.C earlier this year (first time outside OZ/NZ) and was noticed that not many places have drying rooms. Here in Oz drying rooms are common and therefore I've never had problems drying my boots out. However I had major difficulty in Canada even taking the liners out didn't help. After using one of those fan forced boot dryers I was astounded 2 hours and they were completely dry, awesome I didn't have to go up with cold damp boots [img]smile.gif[/img]

I wouldn't know what you'd do if you were staying in a hotel and didn't have a bott dryer (as I was), When in Red Mt I was staying in the uplander and had to ski with cold damp boots for 4 days

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When staying in a hotel I take a chair and put it next to the heater/raditor/air vent. Place the boots bottoms up on the chair with the cuffs hanging over the side above the heater. This seems to work will. At our ski club, we have a big dryer like a ski shop has, it will dry 36 pairs of boots. They stay there during the winter when they are not on my feet.

For long term, I pull the liners out, let them dry in my living room for about 3 days. Then put them back in the boots and buckle them and put them in a dry place on the second floor of my house. I just replaced my Explosion 8's which I have used for 5 seasons. They have lasted fine with this treatment.
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