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Two different boots, same ski & binding?

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Is it possible to use two different boots on the same ski/binding?

I'm asking because I saw a nice pair of last season's boots, at a great price. I don't know much at all about how binding setups/adjustments are made, (I think bindings are setup for a particular boot size and style?).

The last season boots I saw are the same make (Head) and model line, and I'd be interested in trying them because they had a great fit and a good price, and I like to try and see how a less stiff boot works for me under certain conditions.
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take al look at the boots. On each heel in the boot measurment in MM's. If they are w/in 2-3mm's you should be OK with out any adjustments.

Good to see someone from the neighborhood.
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Thanks for the quick reply!

I see marked on the heel is 325mm, so I guess all I'd have to do is call the shop and ask about the size on the boot I am considering?

I suppose I should explain everything to the shop, and allow them to decide if I need any binding adjustments? -- that may be complicated, as I saw the boots in a shop in Chicago last week (business travel - can't realistically take skis with me next week), so my only real option is to just buy the boots, ... and parhaps read up on this some more.
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Under the catagory: Becareful what you wish for.

I have found in 27 years of skiing, the toughest think to adjust to in new boots. I, personally, could never switch boots constantly day to day or even week to week. Skis, yes. Boots never. If you have a boot now that works for you, do not fix it till it breaks. If you want somehting for varied conditions..look to get either a shorty slalom for "Pocono Powder" or a set of fatties for that odd day that we get a dump.
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When I was racing, I had 3 pair of boots. They were all visually the same, and had the same fit. They were just flexed and canted differently, for different disciplines (SL, GS, DH/SG). Switching around always took a run or two to figure out what I had on, and these were close. To do this with two completely different boots would wreak havok with my brain.

As to adjustments...

Most bindings have about 20mm adjustment at the heel piece. Depending on how the binding was mounted, this could mean 10mm forward and 10mm rearward. Sometimes they are not mounted in the middle of the track, abd ma have (for example) 5 mm forward and 15mm rearward adjustment. Also, the stamp on the boot is the boot sole length of the mould. As a boot cools after injection of the plastic, that measurement could be off by as much as 5mm. This means that even left and right boots may have different lengths.
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Just to amplify and agree with what other people have said:

- As to the boot working with the binding: Generally all you need to know is the sole length. The DIN standard specifies everything else. As noted, if they're close enough, you won't need to remount, though you may need to adjust the forward pressure (usually a screw on the back of the heel piece) when switching from boot to boot. How much you can adjust the heel (how much variation in sole length you can accommodate) varies from binding to binding. Generally, two boots that are the same size should at least be close in sole length.

- As to whether you want to do this at all: As noted, skiers typically don't change boots very much. You'll find lots of people who switch skis from day to day; you'll also find lots who avoid switching boots even from year to year.
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Do not rely on what is stamped on either boot. I read this quickly and it may have been mentioned. Measure the boots.

Typically you can switch back and forth, with a minor adjustment via screw driver, with boots that are withen 10 mm of each other.
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