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Signed Skis

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Last year Bode signed my skis and I put a thick piece of shipping tape over the signiture to proctect it. Well after one season the tape is coming in some places. Should I just take the tape off or put something over it to protect it?

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You could spray a clear coat of laquer over. Or use Ski-Saver tape.

The best would be to buy a pair of Atomics and have them signed.
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Well I don't have the $ for ski saver tape. If I peel off the current tape it will lighten the signature since the tape bonded to it (next time won't use tape)! I if leave the tape off will the signature continue to grow lighter and lighter?

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With all conviction I can certainly state that the ink might come up with the tape, and maybe fade over time. Can't be certain until you try. Ski saver type material can be found at industrial supply stores. You only need enough to cover the signature, not the whole ski. Try peeling a little off a corner and see how it comes up. You might want to heat the tape a bit so the glue softens.
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Sell these for big bucks and then buy new skis. After all, everyones knows you can't be seen on last years stuff.
Problem solved, and you get new skis.
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I have a pair signed by Glen Plake. I put shipping tape over the signature, and will retire them to the wall when I wear them out. My friend has a pair of Nordica's signed by the ENTIRE freestyle team of the US, you can be sure he put those on the wall.
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I have a pair of Blizzards signed for me by Renate Gotschl, i put ski saver over them, and since i cannibalised the bindings, the skis will probably be going on the wall.
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Well I am just going to keep the tape over it and let it come off over time! I got a used pair of 9S so the bode ones will not sees as much snow as last year.
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