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Rossignol Vist Plate

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Well I got my pair of used 03 Rossignol 9S WC in the mail. There are a good number of differences between my regular 9S WC store model and race stock ski. One of the differences is the plate. Rossingol said that only the fks binding would work, but I think the regular axial would also work. Can someone confirm if it will work or not?

Pictures of the plate:

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nope, different hole pattern in the heel
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Thanks, it hard finding a pair of the older fks's for cheap $$.
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I have 3/4 of what you seek: Rossi FKS 180 pro used bindings, in working order EXCEPT for the forward pressure peice on one heel. If you can find annother heel & are interesetd or want to attempt getting they fixed let me know
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ok, so now what you do is comb the shops in your area for any old look or rossi race heels(metal tabs that cradle the heel of the boot, not the even older public zr or fks with the rubber bumber in the heel area) most race shops will have some in the parts box. get iriponsnows damaged heelpiece. unscrew the bottle(the spring housing thingy of the turntable) transplant it to the heelpiece you got from the shop that has a working forward pressure indicator. voila a complete set of race binding to put on your new vist plates
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