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Do I need to remount my bindings?

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I just got some new boots, and they are significantly smaller than my old boots. When I put my old boots in my bindings, mark the center line of the boot on the ski then put my new boots in and do the same thing, the marks are off by about .75-1cm.

I'm trying to figure out if I need to have my bindings remounted or if I can just adjust the rear binding position. I know it depends on if they are 'toe mount' or 'center-line' mount.

My skis are (1) 2004 Fischer RC4 GS with Marker piston 1400 bindings. and (2) 2002 Dynastar Omeglass 64 with Look P12 bindings.

One other thing. I know that for the omeglass there are pre-drilled holes to mount the bindings. If I needed to remount these can I do this myself? I'm not sure if/how much my shop will charge to do this and I'd love to save the money.

Thanks a lot,
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How does the new boot line up to the skis center mark?
Sounds like you would have more tip pressure. Is that a bad
thing? Maybe you should ski them first, particularly if
you feel like you are skiing out of the backseat.
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For Dynastars you can do it your self if you have the Posi-drive bit. You can use a #3 phillips in a 1/4 socket just make sure you keep downward pressure on the bit. There should be sole lenght numbers on the plate. Take your time and make sure you get both bindings in the proper holes. Do you know about foward pressure? and the .020 gap under the toe piece ?

The Fischers you may be better off taking them to a shop. There is a lot more to it then just moving a couple of screws.
You may be safer to have the shop do both skis. If your not sure and something happens it's your fault. The few $$ now will be worth tons in peace of mind that the job was done right. Think of it as medical insurance, like your spending your co-pay at the ski shop as opposed to the ER.
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Yeah I think I'll have the shop do them. I know a little about forward pressure but I don't know what the gap thing is. I assume that means you purposly leave some room between the binding and the ski?

Max, I also assume you're implying I should have them remounted instead of just moving the heel piece.

And John, assuming my bindings were mounted to the center line, these boots would be forward of the center line if I just adjusted the heel piece. THe more I think about it the more I think that's not a good thing. I'd like to be centered on the ski, especially the omeglass @ 157cm they really crank you if you're not centered.
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The gap is between the bottom of the boot under your toes and the metal plate or plastic, where that area sit's above the binding. ALso evertime you adjust forward pressure make sure you put the boot back in the binding and release it.

It sounds like your going to have a shop do it. Good choice.
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