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Best Early Season Snow

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I know it's a WAG, but I'm chompin' at the bit. Wondering what everyone's opinion of the most likely spots for early snow or man made. Northeast or West? Who starts makin' it early?

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loveland and abasin are already making it and keystone always tries to be the earliest "real ski resort" to open early with a pretty big snow-making system. all those places are with-in a 30 minute drive. keyston +abasin are right next door.
in my experience of looking for best early opening places, that would be it. that stated, if they dont get a good snow at keystone, you could still be skiing on less than 2 feet of snow, which may not be worth the money to make that trip. i wouldnt if its less than 2 feet; and i got a big raise this year.
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I skiied both last year and was really impressed. I'll keep watching. I was always under the impression that the northeast usually got the best early season snow. I guess there are too many factors.

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As you know, there are already skiers out on the manmade slopes, with more slopes slated for opening shortly. I got the impression you might have been fishing for the best places that might 'slam wide open' with a good quick storm. If that is what you are looking for, you might keep your eyes on Brighton/Alta Utah, Grand Targhee Wyoming, and Wolf Creek Colorado. .. It isn't unusual for circumstances to make an immediate change, and any of these guys go into full operation 'overnight'.
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I can't speak for all the other resorts out West but Mammoth is getting hit hard right now. They are reporting 18" so far from this storm (and they do their snowfall reports at the BASE Main Lodge). The next storm coming in tonight is *expected* to dump 3-4 FEET!!!
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Utah is getting pounded right now as well, 30" at Alta since Monday, another 1-2 feet expected by tomorrow morning. Don't expect Alta to open before their scheduled day (Nov 18 I think). Their operational permit from the forest service only allows a certain number of days. If they open early, they close early. PC, Brighton and Solitude are typically the first resorts in Utah to open, but on a very limited basis (usually one lift, and a few runs). Utah is infamous for drastic weather extremes this time of year. It very well could be 70 degrees and sunny in a week.
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