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Supple, waterproof, bomber gloves?

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Can I have all 3? Or is it like software: cheap, fast good ... pick 2

I live in Vancouver, and do a lot of skiing in near-rain conditions. and I'm fed up with wringing out my gloves when I'm done. So REAL waterproofing would be great in a glove.

I also have 2 small boys that I periodically ski with using a very raspy rope tow. So a glove that doesn't shred in 90 minutes of ropetow use would be great.

I like to bend my fingers and grip my poles without any resistance from the glove. So a very supple glove would be nice.

Is there a glove that provides all 3?

I thought the guys at http://www.pmgearusa.com/index.html made their name selling gloves, but I don't see any at their site right now? Other ideas?

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I posted a glove message over at wildsnow.com that you may want to check out. I've had the Black Diamond Patrol gloves and had pretty good experience with them. They're leather, but pretty water resistant--this was skiing in Colorado, so I don't know how they would do in wetter conditions. Although I've never owned a pair, I've heard nothing but good things about Outdoor Research gloves and mitts. They make several completely waterproof models. But I think if you're really concerned with durability and dexterity, leather is going to be your best option. There are products to improve the waterproofing.

happy glove hunting.
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I have found the high end Grandoe's to be very waterproof and durable. Even my 3 or 4 year old Grandoe GCS still keep my hands dry on a rainey day. I ski 65+ days a seson in the north east. The glove may get heavy with water but my hands stay dry. They will dry over night. Never wring the water out of them let them dry on there own.
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I think the PM Gear guys are going to have some for this year, a few of them hang out on the TGR board so you may want to try a search there.

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The PMGear KevGlove is on back order and so they are waiting for stock before addeding them to thier homepage. I have a set of last years and they are pretty warm and indistrucably tough, but not a gauntlet style that I prefer so they are my tire-chain set. They hope to have a gauntlet style this year. The Kevglove is what you'll want for the rope-tow kids.

For you, take a look at the Burton GORE. That's the one I'm going to try this year after testing a dozen different models and brands. I NEED breathability & these come with a back of the hand vent as well as a seperate liner for colder days.
http://www.burton.com/Burton/gear/pr...ber=B57 16102

For true waterproof - I've seen a patroller wearing extra large rubber gloves from an electrical safety supply house over fleece liners with a rubber band to close the gap between glove and jacket.

Max - the situation we have in the PNWet is a lot of 30-34 degrees with snow/slush/rain. In CO you need warmth more than waterproofing so the OR and even Hestra gloves are great when you don't have liquid H2O to worry about. http://www.hestragloves.com/
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