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Seth Pistol 4 Me? what size?

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Ok, so it happened...every year we clear out the house from skis we are no longer going to be using. This season I did ok...sold 2 pairs of skis to co-workers, 2 over the web, 1 at a swap: so this is my problem. I seem to have sold off everthing except race skis: i have a SL, a 17meter GS ski, & a FIS legal GS, & a SG ski that will all be raced this season. I have nothing to just plain ski on though
I am heading to montana for 2 week this spring & since I have no all -mtn skis, I figure this is a perfect excuse to buy a huge pair of skis; enter the Seths...but what size? anyone know what the running length is? 179 vs 189cm... that big turned up tail looks like it really cuts down on the running length of the ski. I this just too much ski for the east coast?
Any thoughts welcome, I tend to like my skis in the 175-178 cm range GS & was leaning toward the 189 cm S.P.
thanks & think snow,
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Without knowing your size/weight and a little more about your intentions (glades/steeps/bowls/str8lining) for such a set of boards, I'm not sure we can rule out the 159's and 169's...

Oh...about the "effective edge" of an SP, on the 189 it is only 2-3-cm < that of a set of V-Ex's in a 190...took 'em out of the closet and measured just for you...
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thanks for the input, here are more details,
I'm about 145 lbs, aggressive: racer turned coach turned free-skier (& occ. masters' racer). I am not looking for a tree ski or mogul puppy. what I want in a boat that I can bomb the hill with & make huge turns with. I plan on pulling the boats out on softer snow days, but I do live in the east.
what is the running length of the of the 189's?
thanks again
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Since you're coming to Montana you're going to have to deal with moguls whether you want to or not. They don't groom much here so we end up with moguls everywhere. There still is lots of wide open bombing terrain but you often have to negotiate mogul fields to get to it. Besides moguls you will also find yourself dealing with steep, narrow chutes. Ergo, don't go too long especially at your weight. Trade off a little stability for the ability to do tight turns when you have to.
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The effective edge of my 03-04 Pistols is about 168-cm. Don't let that fool you though, at a buck-forty-five, the 189 is going to be a lot of ski, and you don't want to take them in the park at that length (not sure if that is in the cards, anyhow). At your weight, I do recommend that you think about the 179 SP (I have a pair of those, too). The soft-tip/stiffer-tail of the SP should work well for your weight. Also keep in mind that the 2005 SP was stiffened up, so the 179 will feel more substantial, while the 189 more like a battleship for someone under 175-lbs.

I am curious, why the SP's? They are great skis, but there are many others that a racer/coach/freeskier would want to consider, as well. If its a pro-form thing, K2 also has the Apache Chief (98 under foot) and the Made'n AK (108 under foot/drool...) that might be considerations as well.
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I have a buddy about 150# that skis the 179 and loves em'. I also have a buddy about 160# that loves his 189's. Consider this though, I have a pair of 194 Dynastar Intuitiv bigs, the Pistol 189's were about 1cm shorter. What I'm saying is the length (I think) is misleading. Get the 179's, they're probably like 182's anyway. You'll love them.
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Thanks for all the input guys/gals.
as for why the SP, I really want a bomber ski for longer, straight runnning, crud busting fun. I already have firm snow skis, & i have some beaters for the trees at MRG. I like the twin tip / all mtn concept, yet even at 145, I tend to over power most twins i've skied. I have seen the new public enemies, & the 1080s, I like both designs/sidecuts, yet they are noodle flex skis
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If you want a stiffer ski....get a stiffer ski

The pistols aren't exactly stiff (just FYI.) But they are MUCH BETTER skis (in my opinion) than the 1080 or the PE's. Not to say that the Pistol isn't bomber, they are a great ski (vertical sidewall, nice wood core...etc.) I do hear this year's pistol is a bit stiffer, but don't quote me on that.

Not to confuse you, but the Mad Trix Mojo would be a good ski to look into if you're worried about over flexing the ski.

Good Luck
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i've heard that about the mojo too
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So you wanna play, huh?

Originally Posted by iriponsnow
I really want a bomber ski for longer, straight runnning, crud busting fun.
See the following:
  • V-Explosiv (190)
  • Head Monster 103 (193)
  • Stockli SS Pro (194)
  • Dynastar Legend Pro (194)
  • Fischer Bix Stix 10.6 (190)
  • Atomic Big Daddy (193)

Most aren't twins and demand a lot from the pilot. No bumps, no short turns and serious rippers only. If you are good enough and strong enough, they can hang where ever you take them. Notice the Mojo does not make the list...

For more info from those who have actually skied these on more than a demo day, go here: TGR Forums...and prepare to be "JONG"-ED
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those are all ripping skis, yet i think being mostly a right coaster i need to stay a little thinner/shorter...still looking. the great thing this season is that i really don't have to buy proir to the snow flying & may demo some more
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