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Minturn Mile - Vail

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Hi Folks,
I posted a thread on the Aussie ski site here..


on the Minturn Mile recently.

Can anyone give me any more advice. Is it dead set easy or are there pitfalls that first timers fall into (apart from the creek!!)
Many thanks
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Hey stumpy...a buddy of mine lives there, I'll give him a ring, ask your question and post back with his info.

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Here was part of his repsonse. "have skiied the Minturn Mile many times...
it is actually accessed from the top of Ptarmign Ridge. ski cat track south from chair 7 towards 2nd entrance to Sundown Bowl. start hiking up the hill, there is a gate at the top of ridge. pick your line and ski it! the face funnels into the drainage below and then turns into a 'luge' to the bottom. walk over to the Saloon, call a cab and enjoy a marg while you wait for your ride. "
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Thanks for that Rdy2ski.

Between this and my other post Im sure we will be fine!
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Here's from my other buddy.

Have Fun!

The Minturn Mile (actually 3.5 miles) runs from the backcountry gate right at the top of Lost Boy in Game Creek Bowl to the saloon in Minturn.

There are a couple of nice moderately pitched open areas on the *run* that can often find you waist deep in powder.

But, the more difficult parts (the luge section for example) can be treacherous, but not dangerous. There is a LOT of undergrowth that lies just beneath the snow in areas and can easily catch your skis and dump you. Parts of the trail are also like skiing icy single track. =) Complete with rocks, roots, etc. People of all abilities often find they do not make it the entire way without wrecking at least once. But, as long as you don't wreck in the middle of the Aspens, it is highly unlikely it will be a bad wreck.

This run is not really the best example of backcountry skiing in Colorado, or even at Vail. It is really just a shortcut from the mountain to Minturn.

If you want some great OB, look to the East Vail Chutes (not all of it is super difficult by any means, but it is all at least solid black diamond).
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