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Poll Results: Which statement best suits your take on the lateral vs rotary issue

  • 19% (10)
    Lateral designs are far better for everyone
  • 5% (3)
    Rotary designs are far better for everyone
  • 11% (6)
    Choosing a Lateral / Rotary boot depends on the skiers legs - bowed/knocked
  • 9% (5)
    There is not significant difference in how Lateral/Rotary boots ski
  • 11% (6)
    There is a significant difference. You should match the boot to the style.
  • 42% (22)
    lateral/rotary -- who cares?
52 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by Rusty Guy
ahoy (sp?)

welcome to epicski. how in the world did you find us? i taught with a woman who came to CU (University of Colorado) as a PhD Filbright scholar. she now lives in, and I'll spell this wrong, Olomutz. Again, I have no idea how it is spelled.
Again, a warm welcome
Thanx, Rusty Guy. It´s not such a big deal to discover a website this size, ain´t it? The ski world is a small one, haven´t we all discovered yet? Technically, I "came" through a link from Peter Keelty´s realskiers.com..
You spell the name almost perfectly, it´s Olomouc with the university there. Incidentally, the city is not far from the place John Kerry´s ancestors came from...
As to the boot issue, I´m waiting for my Langes LR1 to come. Then one of the Austrian prominent bootfitters and the "father" of the Fischer Somatec boot Johann Leitner will have to work on it. I will ask him about his opinion on the rotary vs. lateral design.
While on the subject: a nice gimmick I saw in Soelden at the WC opening:
Anja Parson´s Salomons Course Labs with that hole pattern on the outside of the shell - the holes fewer but bigger (to be seen even for the TV-viewers?), while regular Course labs have no holes. I watched the shells in the Salomon Center there, so I don´t know how visible the holes are on the podium.
A great forum, anyway, although after a week skiing in the Alps it´s a horrible job to go through only the post I find interesting or relevant for me.
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Originally Posted by sjjohnston
Am I the only one who's in the dark on the latest turn in this thread?

Incidentally, interesting boot news yesterday: Maier and Raich are both wearing Atomic boots for the first World Cup race this weekend ... must be a rotary / lateral thing.
Anyone notice the results of the above experiment? Raich 13th and Maier 15th .... it'd be a big surprise if they didn't dash for those ol' rotary favorites of theirs - Lange.
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Further HMMM

Shouldn't've AT/ Touring boot designers figured out the "lateral boot" hinge point position long, long ages ago?
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I have some info to add to this thread. Last year, before I had ever heard of a lateral boot, I noticed that my right knee was tracking to the inside as I flexed my boots, which were an old pair of custom foamed Salomon Force 9's.

This year I was foamed in a pair of Lange Comp 100's and spent most of the fall dialing in the alignment and fit. I was still noticing that right knee tracking to the inside and was having trouble holding the tail of the ski at the end of turns on hard snow-just what Harald Harb predicts from a "rotary" boot.

Being an unrepentant tinkerer, I started contemplating modding the boot. I could replace the inside hinge with a bolt a half inch or so higher on the cuff and drill out the old hinge. Shouldn't be too much trouble...

So I drilled a hole and put in a bolt. But before drilling out the old hinge I tried the boot on to see how it would flex. Damn, it flexed nicely and the knee tracked straight, so I left the original hinge in place.

I just got back from a 4 day ski trip and I like the change. I defintely could feel the difference. I only did the right boot at first and I felt my knee staying over the inside edge of the ski as I finished the turn. It felt so good that I modified the left boot too. I do feel more edge hold at the end of my turns, especially on hard snow-skied a bunch of man-made on my trip.

I guess this puts me in the lateral camp, though the forward lean and ramp angle of the Langes do not meet Harald's description of a lateral boot. (I have such a skinny calf that I need a lot of forward lean to get balanced).

BigE, how are you liking your new Lange's? LewBob

PS I will post a picture if DChan will allow me to post attachments.
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Here is my first attempt at adding a picture.
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Originally Posted by LewBob

BigE, how are you liking your new Lange's? LewBob

PS I will post a picture if DChan will allow me to post attachments.
I'm liking them a lot -- great response carve and control like never before. And I'm hating them alot -- too small liners and cuffs.

Footbeds are in, they have been canted, but they still need some work on the liners (too short) and the spoiler needs to be flared ( big calves ). Which probably means new footbeds later too....

My left knee tracks very straight. The right knee tracks forwards, then inwards at the last second, to line up perfectly. I think that's me, not the boot. It'll probably change anyway after the meniscus surgery this spring. (both knees need to be done).

I'm going to try to fix the liners and flare the boots tonight. Why not?

Nice work! Very gutsy move.
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Why not, indeed. If you don't know, you can pull out the liner and cut the threads on the toe seam. This opens up some extra space. I have a long big toe and that worked for me.

I am surprised that Lange's work for you if you have a big calf: Lange+big calf makes for a lot of forward lean. How ya gonna flair the calf? Cut some slots? I have chicken legs, so my boot fitter put some nice wrap around chims at the rear. Best calf fit I have had. Also pu ton Booster straps, so the whole cuff fit is markedly better than I have had. They have definitely helped my skiing, especially since I changeed the hinge.

Good luck on your mods. Which Lange do you have? 120, 130? LewBob
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