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How to avoid losing your skis in deep powder?

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Last season I had a fall in waist deep powder and one of my skis got buried deep in the snow. It took me almost 1/2 hr to find it, and even then I was lucky to have located it.

This year it looks like its going to be an epic ski season for the PNW, and I don't want to end up losing my skis when skiing in deep pow. Any suggestions on what I could do to help locate my skis in the event that they get buried deep? I know in the old days, they used to have ankle straps for the skis, but you don't see that being used nowadays.

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Well am no powder skier being located in the east but my freind said they have some kind of brite streamer that attaches to the ski binding that makes it easyer to locate the ski, but again this info is second hand but it does sound logical. I would ask at a ski shop (out west of course) to see if they sell something like that.

I wish i was out west this no snow crap and warm temps going on in the east really sucks. This is gunna be the latest i have ever started to ski that i can remember.
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Powder straps (or some similar name). They attach to your skis and tuck up your pant leg. Cost is about $10 Cdn. This year they seem to be available in bright green or pink. Try Comor locally or the ski shops on W-B.
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...or, release the bondage of the rear heel and go with a telemark binding. Psssst. more face shots that way too.
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As someone already mentioned...

get some of that 1/4" wide neon colored ribbon that you use to wrap christmas presents. Tie one end to your rear binding, the other to your boot and tuck the rest into your pants leg.
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I guess the best way to avoid loosing a ski in powder is not to ski in such a way that would cause you to have the ski come off your foot. DON'T CRASH!! :P

If you like to crash and have your ski come off, consider using the 'Powder Leash', or your own variation. I have used surveying ribbon in the past. Its about 1" wide and available in many bright colours. It comes in really long rolls for quite cheap. If you like hiking to your powder stashes, the leashs become a pain. Every time you want to take your ski off or put it on, the leashs get in the way. That's why I stopped using them, but I also stopped crashing and loosing my skis.

Option 2 is more costly, but effective. You could mount Recco transmitters and carry a receiver. If you ever loose a ski, switch on the receiver and start your search. Just don't use the Atomic Ride 10.50 boots, because you'll end up finding your feet first, since the Recco transmitter is built in to the boots. Also, you'll want to use another system for back country, so if you ever have an accident, you will be found, and not your skis.

Option 3, crank the DIN. Just follow the blood to both your ski and lower leg which was ripped off during the spectacular cartwheel after dropping a 50' cliff.
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Would it not work just as well to tie some ribbon or yarn onto your bindings somehow and tuck that under your pant legs? (this from the guy who just sank 170 bucks into new custom footbeds)
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Excellant suggestions! The easiest one is not to fall of course, but you just never know. I remember seeing some poor guy on the ski hill with a metal detector searching for his missing ski. I don't know if he ever did find it. I just wouldn't want to be in his boots doing the same thing.

Well off to Big White this weekend, then Whistler the next weekend. Sweet! I can't remember it being so good this early in the season
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Remember there are no friends on Powder days, so nobody is going to help you look for that lost ski.Looking for your skis in 2 foot of snow, while your good buddies poach the powder is not the best way to spend your day.
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