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Reports from Loveland?

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Anyone ski there today? Need the info
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I was their with a couple of friends. It obviously was great to be back on snow.

The weather was great. I would say 40 degrees and sunny with no breeze. They have gotten a fair amount of snow in the last three days. I have heard anywhere from 12-18 inches. They have one run open and my guess is additional terrain will open next week. Typically, without a major snowfall, they open a run per week in the early season. There is enough snow under chair one that the patrol has been cutting a few runs to start stabilizing the snowpack.

It was crowded. Everyone was well behaved and I would say attentive to the safety issues. I'm not sure I would want to try it on the weekend. My daughter and I skied with two other pros and it was a little nerve wracking for dad to try and keep an eye on daughter. At my age she probably should be behind me keeping my frail body intact

Once A-Basin opens the crowds should thin out

I busted out new skis and boots having switched from Fischer to Nordica. Great skis and great boots!
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Hey thanks, I have to live vicariously through you guys for another six weeks or so. It all helps.
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Snow flurries in the County right now. Will be at Loveland Wednesday, and I'll feed your ski fantasies when I return!
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thanks,,, and although the temptation is great, I will restrain myself from a perfect opportunity.......Ski fantasies, huh? You under-estimate the male's ability to turn anything into a sexual foray
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At least I didn't say ski porn!
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Spent a wonderful day with Tsavo, mikewil, Bob Barnes and my daughter. It snowed fairly hard a couple of times. I would guess they will report an additional 2-4 inches.

Still just one run open, crowds have thinned and I'll bet they will have additional terrain open by mid week.

Oh, I almost forgot.......you'll never guess who we got to see fresh from CARVERCAMP:
oh yes we did!:
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I'll be there Tuesday trying new boots, checking ski tunes, generally grinning. Hope they open another run, but I'll make do. Maybe I can link up with some of you this winter and make some new ski buddies. I have Wednesday off and a midweek pass at Loveland as well as a Colorado Card. LewBob (58 years, 43 of them skiing-rehabing after rotator cuff surgery, so no bumps at all and taking it easy til January. If that fits with any of your modus operandi, let me know).
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It was fun being back on the boards again. Can't wait to slide again on Wednesday. Actually felt like I made a few good turns now and then-not bad for day one. One run felt just dead on-arc to the right, arc the left-just dead solid perfect.

Boots felt good, skis performed well and the friends were great.

I think Tsavo cringed more than a little when I split that miniscule opening between two snowboarders. Geez, there was at least a foot between their boards. They'll get over it!!!!
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Mike, Bob and Rusty- I am so disappointed that I didn't make it today- I was working until 3am, which left me with a number of things that I couldn't get to yesterday to finish by a deadline this morning . It looks like my next chance will be Nov 1- I have to go out of town for a week on Thursday. Catch you then?
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I'm sorry I missed that. I didn't see it although I suppose I was too busy finding a little space to try a little lifting and lightening, you know a few early season drills.

Nothing better than really crackin open that pelvic structure and getten some rotary movements on the new boards.

dp....I'm sure there will be folks there on the 1st. I plan to ski every day. PM me to be sure. I'm sorry you couldn't make it.
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