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Searching for Dr Go

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Snowdogs departure is reminiscent of the way the infamous Dr Go left a few years ago.

Although my memory is less accurate now than it ever used to be, there is a striking similarity here.

In an attempt to see if my memory was playing tricks, I tried to look up Dr Go in the member listing and see what words (s)he used when they left for parts unknown.

When Snowdog arrived, I did the same search to see if there were similarities in writing style. I also looked for SCSA to find something he had said on some obscure issue.

Back then? Maybe 2 months ago? Both profiles were available, and all posts were there for your perusal--if you wanted to browse them. Now neither are. At least by searching on name.

I remember Dr Go was a wine lover and had at least one chat with dchan about some wine or another just prior to his departure. So I searched on wine---again no Dr Go.

Am I doing something wrong? Or are profiles of long gone members now being purged, along with whatever posts they may have made?

edit: I can still find posts by SCSA---however he is listed as "guest" when you do find them. He is, however, no longer in the member listing ---used to be with the heading "Banned"

Dr Go used to be just a member. and I can not find any mention of him/her/it anywhere now.
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Its all a government conspriacy. There is no Snowdog, SCSA, or Dr Go. I saw it written in the crop circle outside my house.
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Actually I was just about to post an "oops" seems Dr Go was really doctorgo. I stumbled across the name while playing with the search feature this afternoon---can you tell I was less than busy at work this afternoon!

Apparently my memory did play some tricks on me because I can't seem to find the thread I was looking for.

Crop circles eh? I bet Zeus had something to do with them!
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try "doctergo"

Probably not your memory. When we had the May crash and moved to the new software, a lot of "usernames" got switched to their logon name which in many cases were have been resolved but in many cases it's still incorrect. Unless they have been back and asked to have this fixed, they might still be "MIA"

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