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After visiting the mellow powder boards discussion, I was thinking back to the days without "powder boards"

When everyone skied the deep on what they brought to the slopes. I also liked the sinking feeling and screaming down the steeps about waist deep into the powder rather than floating on top. Made for more fun and face shots and I think more enjoyable.

I think that's why I enjoy midfats so much more and think they are more versatile. But I miss the old days on skinny skis just the same.

Anyone feel the same or would you rather be on Fats?
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I love my fats...and have no longing for the days on my pencil-thin boards. I love my midfats too, but they are seeing less and less time on the mountain the more I ski the fat skis. I ususally bring both with me just in case, but the XXs are still tuned up from Jan last year.

I also have no problem finding powder that is knee-thigh-waist deep on a pair of XXXs, so that sinking feeling hasn't been lost on me.

In the stuff that is tracked up but still knee deep, fat skis are stable and allow me to direct the skis where they need to go at high speed (rather than fight to keep the skinny boards on track). For me, this means less possibility of a torn knee (and an end to skiing all together for the year) and an overall better experience. The older I get the more I realize how precious my knees are, and that I really do not want to tear one up - the snow here can be wet and sticky some days.

I think a lot of it depends on where you ski, and the type of terrain and snow.

I was a skeptic of fat skis for a long time...but not any more


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Did you not see this thread?

Just curious.
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I prefer the wider skis. When I was racing, I only had specific race skis, and they were miserable in powder. I was fit and strong enough to ski all day with them and still have fun, but I wouldn't go back there now. Face shots are possible with the wides and just as frequent if you know how to ski them. Use the same techique you would use for skiing GS, SX, or SL skis on hardpack, and transfer that to the wides in powder. By maintaining a mid point balance and lower center of gravity, you will get the same amount of snow in your face as sitting back and riding at the bottom on skinnies. If you want to get really deep down, just steer the wides deeper when the are on 'edge' or tilted and its "Dive Dive Dive Captain Nemo". Make a normal carved transition and steer the skis to the surface and you'll breach like a gray whale during mating season.
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