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Okemo - Thanksgiving?

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Can any offer insightful comments on skiing Okemo for Thanksgiving '04 (Thu - Sat)?

I see where they have 95% snowmaking coverage, so any insights on whether they will be open, crowds, where to stay, etc?
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I had a season pass there from 1984-1998. I skiied there every Thanksgiving during that period. Usually, it was just one trail, World Cup. Sometimes, it was just the lower half of World Cup from the Sachem lift. Luckily, that is my favorite trail. I don't think we were ever skunked, and a few times, they had an extra trail or two open. There were NEVER any crowds.
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Last year they had a bunch of trails open in mid November with very good coverage.

In December we stayed at a condo right across from the base lodge. I thought the condo was pretty nice and you had really easy access to the main lift. I would stay there again depending on the cost and time of year.

I think there have been some previous posts asking about Okemo so you might want to do a search and check those threads out for some more good info.
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Thanks. I've searched om here, but all the posts seem to be asking and responding to general questions.

I'm specifically interested in Thanksgiving weekend, in particular hoe many trails are open. The comment about Mid November last year is very helpful.
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