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Well I'll be dog gone.

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I sense a change. The air is becoming crisp, and the distant peaks are beginning to display the white that spurs every pups soul to stir. Winter approaches, a time to put summer thoughts behind and answer the voice that calls from within and tugs at ones spirit to head for the mountains. That time has come, the dog must leave.

With winter approaching the board here will begin to fill. Skiing will become the center of peoples attention and discussions here will become abundant. With summers typically a slow time, and many off doing summery things, I thought it might liven up the discussions for those who remained to have a high spirited pup come in and shake things up a bit, so I went down to the pound and found the most frisky fella they had and brought him in.

I quess he did just that. He spurred some intense discussions and riled some emotions. Even dare I say pissed some people off. But now as he departs he asked me to relay some final thoughts:

"Bonnie (yes, he can spell it right) your a doll, and I love your feist. Keep having fun on the slopes and don't ever let any idiot tell you there's any such thing as girly issues on skis, we all have barriers to breach."

"LM, best of luck on your move, I hope everything flourishes for you. Colorado's a beautiful state, and living there for lovers of the mountains constitutes a dream life. And much appreciation for all your efforts here on this site and your selfless sharing of your expertise in your field, which I must say is vast."

"Alaska Mike, even though your efforts at reconciliation were thwarted, they were at the same time admired."

"Ott, Pee Wee Herman should be so lucky. Your a skiig icon my friend. And a gentleman to boot. So tolerant in the face of such arrogance."

"To all the girls who were told they can't be as good at sports than a guy: It's a crock, don't ever buy into that crap, even a smidgen. The limits to your potential in any sport are far beyond what most men will ever come close to actually achieving."

"To the men who spoke up to defend the girls: ".

"Fox, you've got a good heart, and I know that's where your opinions emerge from. If I ever see you I'd be honored to buy you a Guiness.

"Bob, your level of knowledge is impressive, your ability to communicate it unique, and your willingness to share it astoundingly admirable. This forum is fortunate to have you."

"AC, Dchan: I always tried to provide spice without breaching your lines. Hope I didn't tax you too badly."

"And to all those who didn't get mentioned here, but felt offended by some of my barking my sincere apologies, it was all in jest."

And with that little dip into the pool of restitution this pup is going to shake off and pump paws out of here. He may return, but as a different dog anyone would like having around the house. Happy trails to all, may your winter be filled with as much snow as I filled this forum with.

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I'll miss your doggie style.
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Git along little (Snow)doggie
Ya'll come back now.
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: Yeah, don't get your tail caught in the door on the way out.

So this was all just a big joke? Ha. Ha.

Not very funny, and not very nice.

I still don't like you. First impressions last, ya know, for a long, long time. Perhaps you'll let one of your other faces show next time, ya psycho.

(Hey, at least I'm honest).:
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You know the old saw, Dog, they've got to know how much you care before they'll care how much you know.

That notwithstanding, it's obvious to me that you care very much. I'm not talking about warm and fuzzy interpersonal stuff--instead, you personify the quality I was trying to put my finger on in the What comes from the heart thread--a teacher who loves and respects and continues to be surprised and delighted by his/her subject has more of what it takes to be a remarkable teacher than all the other stuff combined. I feel comfortable saying this, because a teacher can lack all the other stuff and still be a great teacher, but lacking humility before the greatness of one's subject -- taking it for granted, as it were -- is enough to nix.

I think SnowDog made us look at our assumptions and beliefs, and challenged us to mind what we say, because most of those who plunk down money to partake of our patter are giving it a boatload of credibility.

*Bonni may not agree with this and I would not have in an earlier incarnation either. Minds change.
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