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Atomic Cruisers

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I'm returning to skiing after a 5 year break (don't ask), and looking for a good all mountain ski. I am (was) an "advanced intermediate" who skis primarily black diamonds runs here in MI, and enjoy mostly blues with an occasional black diamond out west. I am 6'2" 235lbs, and really enjoy carving big turns.

My local shop has some good deals on last year Atomics SX9 and R11, and I am looking for any feedback on these skis and any other suggestions to consider. A friend is suggesting Volkl 724, but there appear to be around $100 more than the Atomics.
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I have skied both skis, and in all likelihood, the R11 will be a bit more fun for you. The SX9 is a great ski (essentially a detuned GS ski with a softer flex and non-FIS sidecut), but it's not quite as versatile as the R11, which has a shorter sidecut and a bit more width. The R11 will be a better ski for varied conditions.

Just my quick $0.02.
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If you can get a R-11, go for it. 180cm for your size.
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