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Telegraph Peak, SoCal

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How steep do you like your breakable crust?

Taken from Mt. Baldy Ski Area, 6 March 2004

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And when you break through the crust, you hit dirt!
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followed shortly thereafter by china.
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it's that fracture line on the far right that gives me the willies-
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ryan--any more pics or comments of Mt. Baldy? I spent many of my younger years backpacking in those mountains but never got to ski Baldy. If I ever go back to SoCal, I'd like to check it out and avoid the SnowSummit/BigBear/Mountain High disasters.
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baldy is great...when we get plenty of snow.

riders up chair 4
thunder peak (served by ch. 3) in background


riders up chair 3

and Tony Crocker (see link below) keeps much better notes than I do.


(his Other Inside Tracks Articles are well worth checking out )
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Here are more pics from that day...

Ryan ripping up the liftline.
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Ryan again..
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me in the bumps..

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then the MCL thing...


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