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Why can't I attach a picture in a thread??? - Page 2

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Hi dchan, I tried it again and nothing in that bar works except the bullets which brings up a window that asks me what type of list I want. I cannot bold or underline, etc. either in guided mode nor in enhanced mode.

Font, size and color lets me choose but doesn't translate into the window.

This should be red. Everything that would have a popup stopper is turned off.

I also cannot put a smiley in.

I try again with [img] insert.

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What OS, Browser, and Versions are you using?

Are you using broadband or dialup?

I just switched on Enhanced editing on your user CP but if you are on dial up you may find this slows everything down.

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I am using Windows XP with SP2, a Roadrunner (TW) cable modem, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, all latest versions,

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Hi Ott,

I didn't set up how the attach image is managed but according to AC Attaching images is an Epicski Supporter Perk. I'll have to look into how that works or is blocked.

As far as the rest of the settings, From what I can tell you should be able to put in tags/bolds, fonts, colors etc.

Try it again now that I have the enhanced mode turned on for your userid.

Oh yeah, Try turning off the firewall (temp) in Windows,

Control panel, Firewall, Disable.

Since the enhanced editor is an "applet" that runs in the browser it might be getting blocked. I'll have to play with XP to see if I can figure that out. I don't use XP if I can avoid it because I don't like a lot of the feature creep that has happened in XP.

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It still doesn't work. I used to be an epic ski supporter but I was downgraded to a member I guess. How often do I have send money to AC to be a supporter, once a year, twice a year? I forget how long it's been since my last contribution.

I'm just going to slog along my way. No smileys no bolding, no color. funny thing is though that in explorer I get a different reply window than in firefox, it has an additional line of icons above the B I U line.

I can write into the title line but cannot get my cursor into the reply window either with the tab key nor the mouse. The window also seems to have a faint tracer line around just at the edge of the reply window.

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Supporter status is an Annual thing.

Does anyone else use RR.com? I wonder if this is an ISP problem.
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it works in Windows98

dchan, I fired up Windows98 which resides on my F-drive and everything seems to work here...

here is the picture:

now I just have to figure out how to mke it work in Windows XP with the SP2 update. I also found out just now that the: ctrl/alt/delete does not bring up the widow that shows me what is running, nothing happens.

Would it be OK to just use my disk to load Windows XP again and if I do so would I have to relaod SP2?

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Try going to your browser settings and set the "security" level to medium and see if that makes a difference.

Also try it with your firewall turned off. (Control panel look for firewall) disable it first and see if that helps. If it does, try turning it back on and tweaking the different settings in the firewall.

Also you might want to try Mozilla's Firefox. it's faster, more stable and less prone to popup ads and spy ware.


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