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Why can't I attach a picture in a thread???

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hen I click on "http://forums.epicski.com/newthread.php?do=newthread&f=15#
Insert Image" icon all I get is a jump on the screen but no link to the [img] window where I can put my picture up. Is this just for me or is it a general problem, or, most likely am I doing something wrong?

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works for me Ott...........
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Ott, I don't understand the problem you are having. What does "all I get is a jump on the screen" mean?

In the message post form, you just click on the image insert button, and enter the url to the image (not to a webpage with the image onit).
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I put a picture up using the manual [img]-[/img] tags but I think the yellow icon with the mountins should work.

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AC, when I click on the yellow icon with the mountain that is supposed to let me post an image the screen jumps up to the top of the page with the blue epicski banner and I don't get a window allowing me to put in the url. The manual way works. I disabled my popup stopper and my Norton Internet Security and still nothing. Is there anything I need to do? I run both Internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox and it happens in both so itmust be forum connected since I also CAN post pictures in other forums to which I belong.

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The [img] tags were for the old software, I don't think they work with the new. Your problem sounds like a pop-up blocker problem, are you certain it is completely disabled?

dchan, any thoughts?
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AC, I just posted a picture with the old [img] stuff bercause I got frustrated I'll post one here with it.


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Everything in the system looks correct.


What version of windows are you using and what version of browsers?

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When you post pictures on other forums (please give example) do you get a new window opened to input the image location or is this info entered on the same window?

I am leaning toward the popup stopping keeping you from using this feature. In firefox there is an option allowing you to "allow" popups from a specific website. If you are using explorer, are you also using the google toolbar? The goggle toolbar can stop popup's too.

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I'm having the same difficulty. I'm trying to use the 'Attachement' feature to upload a .jpg ...which does upload. However, I cannot get the image to display in the message ....it will only put in a link, that then takes you to the image.

What am I doing wrong????
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ditto that, Chris
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I've seen it work for others, but haven't tried it myself. I'll dig into this as soon as I get a little time.

Maybe dchan knows more about this issue?
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Using the attachment feature works, but it's not very obvious to use. I've used it, but I don't know if there is an easier way than the copy and pasting I do.
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Don't see an image on your post. You are probably the only person that can see that image. Also, if you are a "Dynamic connection to the internet, it will be a broken link when ever you are given a new IP address on the internet.

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testing Ott's picture with image button

this is a test
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Is that an image uploaded to Epic? What does that look like in the message preview? Are you able to control where it falls in the post in relation to text, or does it just appear at the bottom?


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Ok. Here's the settings I have and the process I used.

I've tested this with
Windows 2000, with all service packs and updates,
Windows 98 SE with all service packs and updates,
Windows XP SP2 and all additional service packs (fire wall disabled as I have a hardware firewall)

None of the systems have an aftermarket popup blocker (just what's built into Firefox)
or Software firewalls. All the systems have Spam blockers and Adware monitors but do not specifically block popups.

Tried this in both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Latest versions with all security updates and High Security packs installed. Settings for browser security at medium.

Verify that Popup's are allowed from the current webpage (although I've done it both turned on and off)

First I verified that my "enhanced editor" setting was turned on however I don't think this is a requirement.

I then went to the advanced editing page (next to post quick reply button) or start a new thread with the advanced editor. At the top of this "window" There is a selection for "Guided mode" or "Enhanced mode" Select The guided mode.

If you are going to "attach an image" the image needs to be on your local computer. No you do not need to leave your computer on for people to see the image.

Click on "manage attachments" under additional options.

This should open a new window that will allow you to upload an image. (there is a 39kb limit so you need to compress the image some how)

As far as I can tell the wysiwyg interface does not show the attachment, you have to preview the post but I'll play with that more.

The attached image will always appear at the bottom of the post as far as I have seen.

In order use images that exist on the internet that you want others to see you will need to use the image tags as Ott and slider have done. I'll post instructions for that next.

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Testing a web image.

Testing the web image
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for web images

All same settings for this process.

Go to the advanced editor. Use the guided mode, click on the little yellow icon above the editor box (it's beneath the size drop down on the font/size/color selections) If you look carefully it looks like a yellow sky with black sun in the upper right hand corner, and a black mountain. Or maybe it's an envelope with a stamp and a picture of the mountain.

This will bring up a dialog popup window with a place to insert a URL for the image you want to put in your reply or post.

Enter the whole URL including the "HTTP://"

If you just put the www.xyz.com/image123.jpg

You will get the link and no image which is what I did on the second test post.

If you are not getting these popup dialog boxes then something on your computer is blocking the popups. For these problems I need more info as far as what software, browsers, aftermarket software, ETC.

BE AWARE: you may think you are not running any popup blockers but the google enhanced toolbar and I think Yahoo's enhanced tool bar both have built in popup blockers. Also AOL, Earthlink and Prodigy may have also included popup blockers in their "enhanced" Browsers.

If you are using these, please check this out as well.

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hum.... I am having no problems. But then I learn how to use img codes from selling on ebay.

Learning html codes everyday!
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: .....
Thanks dchan....!
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Just realized something else. I'm not sure if this filter is working correctly but attached images is a feature of being a supporter. Regular members technically should not be able to add attachments. I have not tried to do so with a user name that is not listed as a supporter.

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macintosh problem?

Hi, I'm trying to put up an image and it doesn't work. Do you know if I can do this on my macintosh?

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Originally Posted by SkiMangoJazz
Hi, I'm trying to put up an image and it doesn't work. Do you know if I can do this on my macintosh?

It should although I don't have a mac to test it on.

Only thing I can think is if the size of the image is too large it's won't work.

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Hi DC, the file is only 28K, I checked that. I used the "manage attachments" it allowed me to browse to and upload the picture, but then it just wasn't in the listing. I actually attached a picture to that message asking about the macintosh, but it didn't show. I'm on OSX using Safari. I guess I'll try Explorer and/or Netscape and will let you know if either one works.

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test using Mozilla

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test with Explorer

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Well it doesn't work with Safari (the native Mac browser) or Internet Explorer. I don't have Netscape it turns out, but do have Mozilla, which is very similar. As you can see above, that works.

What happens in the two non-working browsers is after the upload the file doesn't even show up in the "manage attachments" area.

So unless vBulletin has some fix for this I guess I'll have to switch to Mozilla if I want to upload a picture.

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