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Binding plates on slalom race ski

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looking for advice on binding/plate setup for a 155 Salomon 3V race stock ski to be used for Masters racing.

Would a race plate make a noticeable difference or should I just use a set of S914 or 916 directly mounted. If a plate would help what would you suggest?

I am 5'8" 170lbs and just getting back into racing after a long absence (my last slalom race skis were 203s so I guess that kind of shows how long since I competed seriously!)

Suggestions from the racers out there welcomed. (I avoided the need to decide for GS by getting the Fischer WC GS with the built in plate)
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Yes you need a plate. I know salomon had the power-axe plate and now they have a new "lab" version. Other will give you more details, but for racing a plate will give you extra power and smooth the ski out.
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Is that the separate plate or the one integrated with some of the bindings?
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It is a separate plate. The poweraxe plate I thought came standard with the race stock, so does your ski have have or is it just the ski?
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No the version I have is the previous year race stock with no plate.
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Race plate

I have a nice 14mm Elan / Vist plate for 85.00
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The new Rossignol plates are very nice, and they accept the Rossi FKS race-stock bindings, which are in my opinion the best bindings out there for any application.
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If you plan to race in FIS qualified races those skis are too short this season.

The lab ski and higher end skis by Salomon have the plate integrated into the prolink system. The "race room" skis did not have the integrated plate (I have a pair of these) but I purchased a Power-Axe SL Race plate which is a higher end better plate than the standard poweraxe II plate-binding system but does require purchasing a set of bindings in addition to the plates. As far as the rest (race stock or otherwise) I will defer to the racers and reps.

Yes it makes a difference. If you purchase a plate for your skis, be aware a lot of the standard shops will not have the jigs to install the plate. You may have to let your fingers do the walking and call around to get the plate installed. After that, then the plates are pre-drilled for Salomon bindings.
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I don't know about the Rossi plates but FYI the Salomon Race PowerAxe SL Race plate is a floating system so your boots are not affecting as much of a change in the flex pattern of the ski. So on top of the additional leverage from lift, the ski bends more evenly and thus carves a rounder arc.
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