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Gear Reps

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I hope this is a good place for this ?

While researching and applying for ski schools @ various Colorado ski resorts over the past few months the subject of being a gear representative has come up.But none of the human resorce people did more than mention it.
Do any of you bears know whats the best way to find somone to rep for and how to make $ or gear at it. What do you have to do ?

Also if any one in Vail or Avon Co. has a nice room w/private bath on bus rt. please contact me.
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The best way is to get ahold of the local sale rep or regional sales manager. Find out when demos are and help. It'll be volunteer work with access to discounts in the beginning. A long term comitment is required on your part, and every year you get more perks. I've been with Atomic since my racing days, then stayed with them through my coaching and instructing phase. Started helping out at demo days, got some schwag, and now get a full kit. I have a number of duties now, and each has its own payment or reimbursment.
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The ski resorts themselves usually have little to do with who reps what at their areas. Local ski shops may have a say in it or the regional rep for the company. If you're looking in Vail/Beaver Creek, don't be too surprised if most companies have the representation they need, but it never hurts to ask. Be willing to help out, push the companies product through local dealers and to generate retail as well as pro sales. Best of luck to you!
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