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Best Trail Map

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Why can't all ski maps be like this?
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I like the short written descriptions of the runs... very cool.
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My favorite is - slide the pointer around and read his descriptions. Most accurate snow reports I've ever seen, as well.
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Great Trail map. I wonder how much the cost of the lift ticket increased to pay for it?
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Okay, so where are the lifts?
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Originally Posted by Colossus178
Why can't all ski maps be like this?
Nice map. I don't think this cost that much to develop and it is a one time cost. One thing missing is the ability to display all the runs at once. Helps a first time skier to select the areas to ski.

Other than that it is cool.
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Drag your cursor over the lift symbol in the legend.
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[quote=Colossus178]Why can't all ski maps be like this?


or this one from Saalbach Hinterglemm, Austria
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Mad River Glen -- the most "retro" area anywhere -- actually has a really nice on-line trail map:
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