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Length for New Skis

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I'm returning to skiing after a several year hiatus and would like to get new skis but I'm not sure what length. I'm an advanced skier, 6 foot 190 pounds currently skiing on an old pair of Rossi DV-6 200 cm. I've tried the Rossi Bandit X in both 177 and 191 lengths but it's hard to judge after a few hours of skiing. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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For your size, the 184 is the slam dunk size. If you still prefer higher speeds, the 191 would be fine, as well. I would say that the 177 would be short, but then again, I have never seen you ski.
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Bandit Man is right. The general start point is for the ski to be just above the head. from there you go a few cm's above or below, your choice.
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Another question is where and how you will be skiing?

If you are out west where things are wide and open a longer ski in the 180's will be OK. Likewise if your style was more "GS" with sweeping turns.

If you are skiing the easts narrow trails that are icy and crowded, a shorter ...... SL oriented ski may be more in order.
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