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Copper Bee Line Tickets Question

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My family has decided on Copper for our Spring Break trip. I see that you must stay in a Copper facility to take advantage of the Bee Line tickets. Is this ticket worth paying the higher cost of lodging. The $69 Copper Four pass and a condo is Frisco is somewhat cheaper.

Another scenerio that my family has used in the past is using the "single rider" line and waiting on each other at the top. Does the Bee Line at Copper replace the "singles" line or do you have THREE lines, 1)Bee Line, 2)Singles, and 3)everbody else. I realize lines will be long during spring break but if I can stay at Frisco and take advantage of the singles line, thats my preference. Can anyone tell me how the lines actually work and if the Bee Line is worth the price difference???
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The Bee Line does not replace the singles line. Unless you want to stay at Copper I don't think it's worth the price difference. Once you get away from the front of the mountain you will find the lines are not very long and the singles lines go rather quickly!!
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Exactly. Even during Spring break your best bet is to hit first chair and then avoid the base lifts (american flyer, american eagle and superbee). Frisco is a great town to stay in!
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There are the regular lines, the ski school lines, the ski patrol entrances, AND the B-Lines! It's getting to where you need a map to make sure you don't end up in the wrong place at Copper...

Spring Break is, of course, a very busy time at Copper, and the lines at the base area lifts can get pretty long. But really, other than the Union Creek novice lifts, the base lifts are high-speed quads and the big Super B "six pack"--they move a lot of people, and the lines move pretty fast. I don't think you'll save all that much time with the B-Line pass.

Of course, there may be other reasons to lodge at Copper. The village has finally taken shape, and it's certainly convenient to be right there at the mountain.

Or you could take the money you save by lodging in Silverthorne, Dillon, or Frisco, and pay for a ski lesson or two. That would get you line privileges AND a guide to the mountain who could help you get even more out of your ski vacation.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

PS--for what it's worth, I am no longer affiliated with the Copper Ski School, so this is not a shameless plug. (I'll be at Vail--you can get lift line privileges with a lesson there too....)
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I used the b-line pass 2 years ago at copper and thought it was the cat's meow. I don't know how much lift time it saved but I didn't care it was so nice just to head straight to the front. We went during spring break and the base lifts were crowded all the time. The was one other mid mountain lift just off the nastar course that was always busy too.
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It escapes me why anyone would spend good money on a vacation to wait in line. Why even consider the mobbed CO resorts when there are so many other options? SW CO has far fewer crowds. Utah is MUCH less crowded (& far better snow/terrain). WY & MT even less crowded than UT. Sheeple mentality.

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My option is to go Skiing Tomorrow! See ya on the Hill (when yours opens)!
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